Giant tree in Kanchanaburi province

Giant tree in Kanchanaburi province

ต้นจามจุรียักษ์ 100 ปี – 100 year old rain tree
even mentions this one in Kanchanaburi
diameter 55 to 60 m (from satellite image)


google maps: “ต้นจามจุรียักษ์” or “Giant Rain Tree”
13.9552005,99.5270366 = 13°57’18.7″N 99°31’37.3″E
7.4 km by air or 15 km by road from Kanchanaburi bus station (but googlemaps might give some long detours).

ตำบล เกาะสำโรง อำเภอเมือง กาญจนบุรี กาญจนบุรี
Koh Samrong subdistrict, Mueang district, Kanchanaburi province.
No entry via main gate of Animals and Agriculture Division 1 on hwy 3429, but after small detour south hwy 3209. There are signs on the road. Open 6 am to 6 pm.

On the premises of Animals and Agriculture Division 1 on the way to giant tree, there are many stables and horses.

Pictures from rainy season can be found here: 

There are other interesting trees in Kanchanaburi province:

And a Bodhi tree with white leaves, however they appear only short time of the year (when?), but not now (April 2016, info from TAT office, staff has been there).รูปเด่นประจำวัน/ชาวบ้านตะลึง-ต้นโพธิ์-ออ 
วัดศรีอุปลาราม ต้นโพธิ์ ออกใบสีขาว

Interesting trees elsewhere in Thailand:

A Thai friend told me largest Chamchuri tree is in Phayao province, Chiang Kham district. However satellite image shows that it has only 38 m diameter.
19.5363128,100.2920133 = 19°32’10.7″N 100°17’31.2″E

giant petrified tree in Tak province:

Giant Krabak tree in Tak province:   

A forest from a single Banyan tree in Korat: 

Giant tree in Khao Laem national park in Kanchanburi province and video: 14 Amazing trees in Thailand 

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