MRT Purple Line

MRT Purple Line The MRT Purple Line opened on 6aug2016 without much ado. runs between Tao Pun เตาปูน (Bang Sue district, Bangkok) and Khlong Bang Phai คลองบางไผ่ (Bang Bua Thong district, Nonthaburi). Official name รถไฟฟ้ามหานคร สายฉลองรัชธรรม MRT Chalong Ratchadham line. from: for another map and fares see: The most interesting feature is what was dubbed “the missing link”, a 1.0 km gap between MRT Bang Sue and MRT Tao Poon, that is currently bridged by shuttle bus (Bang Sue – Tao Poon) and train (Bang Sue – Bang Son บางซ่อน). Timetable for shuttle: This is not the only

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