Record Breaking Temperature in Thailand during 2016

record temperature in Thailand

In Thailand, we have already been suffering from the longest heatwave in 65 years. Then, yesterday on the 28th April 2016, we broke the record for the hottest temperature in Thailand since records began. In Amphoe Mueang district of Mae Hong Son, the temperature soared to 44.6°C. The previous record was 44.5°C in Uttaradit on 27th April 1960. Yesterday also saw another record broken in Thailand. This one was for power consumption. Between 2pm and 3pm it was so hot that many people turned on fans and air-conditioners. Demand for power peaked at 29,403.7 MW. Apparently the capacity in Thailand is only 32,000 MW. If it carries on like this, we might see power outages or brownouts.

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