Sawatdee Gay Thailand

Back in October, we moved over to to finally get around the service provider bans in Thailand. The Board will always have a connection to Sawatdee Gay Thailand, as it was the domain name that elephantspike moved the Board to after leaving EZBoard. There is an enormous amount of history stored in the many posts over the years on this Board that is an active library for so many topics, given the search engine’s capabilities and the amount of time a member might want to go through it or to reminisce on a certain event.

Where did Gay Message Boards begin and what was their original purpose? One of the first pioneers of the idea was Dr. Allen R. Briggs who started the PattayaGay report back in 1996. home page

Allen had been a pillar of the Pattaya Community for many, many years and has tirelessly created the Weekly Report updating important happenings in the gay Pattaya Community. His report was read far and wide around the globe and provided long-distance viewers with a chance to live in Thailand vicariously, while also providing local Ex-Pats with much needed quality information.This later became the PattayaGay website with a message board attached to the site.

Smiles opened up the Sawatdee Forum with EZBoard back in 2003 and the PattayaGay Board and the Sawatdee Forum operated in harmony until Allen Briggs closed the old PattayaGay Board down. Elephantspike took over Sawatdee Forum in 2005 and initially kept it running on the EZ Board system until switching over to phpbb on December 31 of 2008 with the domain name

We may be the Sawatdee Network today, in order to promote, support or host whatever local talent we can in order to bring you more information and to stay current…but we will always be Sawatdee in appreciation of our beginnings with Smiles and elephantspike and of course all the members that have belonged and posted to Sawatdee over the years. And with this, we hope to continue with what the PattayaGay report started for us and the internet has continued to do for Sawatdee and that’s keeping people informed, connected and engaged about the happenings in Thailand.