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Navaratri festival in Silom Road

Navaratri festival in Silom RoadNavaratri นวราตรี is a Hindu festival that is held in September or October. Details here:

Wat Phrong Akat in Chachoengsao province

Wat Phrong Akat in Chachoengsao provinceวัดโพรงอากาศ (พระอาจารย์สมชาย) อ.บางน้ำเปรี้ยว จ.ฉะเชิงเทรา The temple boasts a huge chedi and a huge Ganesha statue,...

Kukrit house in Sathorn

Kukrit house in SathornFull name: M.R.Kukrit’s Heritage Home (but in Thai just Baan Soi Suan Phlu บ้านซอยสวนพลู) is a collection...

Tham Krasae railway bridge

Tham Krasae railway bridgeTham Krasae railway bridge สะพานถ้ำกระแซ (named after the nearby Krasae cave ถ้ำกระแซ) or Wangpo วังโพ viaduct (often...

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