Take Care




TAKE CARE!! was formed in early 2005 by a group of volunteer expats and Thais in response to the serious health crisis of the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted Infections.
TAKE CARE!! provides information regarding safer sex practices and as well has given out almost 200,000 condoms and 100,000 lubricant sachets — the right message to keep safer sex in the forefront and the resources in the hands of those that need protection. This is  a program encouraged by Dr. Philippe Seur of Heartt 2000, well known in Pattaya for his campaign against AIDS.


These efforts and the need to further expand services to Pattaya’s gay community need our continuing support — in terms of direct financial contributions as well as support of TAKE CARE!!’s  functions such as their Annual Christmas Fundraising Dinner — this year hosted at Coco’s Bistro in Jomtien at 6 PM on Saturday December 21, 2013.   TAKE CARE!! welcomes partners who are interested in making contributions (either in cash or in-kind condoms/lubricants) or organizing a fundraising event. Friends can become a member and meet with us the third Monday of each month at 6 PM.



For more information on how you can donate, volunteer or get involved,
especially now during the Holiday Season, please check out TAKE CARE!!’s web
site  http://takecarepattaya.com or send us an email takecarepattaya@yahoo.com
and make a difference!