Gay activities Myanmar Sep/Oct 2018

Gay activities Myanmar Sep/Oct 2018Details about online dating, male massage places in Yangon and Mandalay (several hitherto unreported places).Currency: Myanmar Kyat MMK, 1000 MMK = 1kMMK. At time of writing: 1 EUR = 1840 MMK, 1 USD = 1593 MMK, 1 THB = 49 MMK. Thu 27sep2018 Bangkok to YangonArrive at night in Yangon airport. Directly to hostel and to bed.Fri 28sep2018 YangonEmbark on my quest for the masseur TW (with awesome body and cock) in Sands Spa in Dec 2017. I had him write down his name in English and Burmese. Sands Spa is closed for good. Have dinner

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