Surawong gogo bars Oct 2018

Surawong gogo bars Oct 2018After a lot of fuss about closing of Soi Twilight, and some bars already moving, now: “This Soi we go on for 6 years” (sic!).Gogo bars in Soi Twilight (=Soi Pratuchai), clockwise: Hot Male, Classic Boys, Fresh Boys, X-Boys.Gogo bars elsewhere in Surawong area: Moonlight (former Jupiter 2001), X-Size moved and changed name to G-Boy (where Heart Beat was some years ago), New Screw Boys, New Fresh Boys (upstairs from New Screw Boys), Super A, Golden Cock, New Nature Boy (changed name from Nature Boy recently), Jupiter 2018 (in Silom Soi 4). Of which Moonlight, Golden

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