Wat Pa Siri Wattana Wisut in Nakon Sawan province

Wat Pa Siri Wattana Wisut in Nakon Sawan province

Tambon Tam Nop, Amphoe Tha Tako, Nakhon Sawan
วัดป่าสิริวัฒนวิสุทธิ์ ต. ทำนบ อ. ท่าตะโก จ. นครสวรรค์
15.5938195,100.5082533 = 15°35’37.8″N 100°30’29.7″E

6.0 km by air or 10.3 km by road from Tha Tako bus station (15.6372207,100.4785008 = 15°38’14.0″N 100°28’42.6″E)
I paid 70 Baht for mocy from bus station (11:38-53) and returned by hitchhiking. (From Nakon Sawan bus station to Tha Tako bus station about 1 hour and 30 Baht by bus.)

Temple is on a mountain, view when approaching:

I started at the top, one of the various Bodhi Gaya replicas in Thailand:



There is a fake railway station with a train and signals and a collection of old railway stuff.

A double Buddha without face! An educated Thai friend says this is a symbol of inward mediation (no see, no hear, no speak). I haven’t seen anything similar before.

This building reminds me of a cathedral:

Unusual arrangement of Luk Nimit and Bai Sema:

Small garden around cathedral:

All these buildings are on a structure that looks like a ship, here is the bow (even a pond around the bow):

And shrine to Prince of Chumpon, father of modern Thai navy:

further reading:

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http://findthailand.com/places/wat-pa-siri-wattana-wisut-วัดป่าสิริวัฒนวิสุท/ (aerial picture)
http://www.watpasiriwattanavisut.org (???)

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