Gay saunas in Saigon and Hanoi


Gay saunas in Saigon and Hanoi
General notes: 1 kD = 1000 Dong (VND). Exchange rate during my trip 1 USD = 22 kD. Unlike Cambodia, USD is not generally accepted in Vietnam and if it’s accepted, it will be at a rate of 1 USD = 20 kD. Diacritics in Vietnamese names omitted, here in plain Latin alphabet. 1st floor = ground floor. All places provide sandals (in Thailand, usually bare feet or wear your shoes for places that are unclean.) I use the old name Saigon instead of current name Ho Chi Minh City. In chronological order of visit. All locations approximate, they might be up to 30 m off.
Saigon Nadam Spa
Location according to google maps: Nadam Spa
The most luxury sauna I have ever been to, puts Babylon and Chakran in Bangkok or Sun City in Paris to shame. I went by mocy (100 kD from near Opera House, 17:54-18;17). The place is well hidden, I couldn’t point in on a map (due to coming and leaving by mocy). However when you come from the south over the bridge, there is a large sign on the right, follow that sign and locals will point the way.
Tuesday 05.01.2016, stay 18:17-20:45. Entry 195 kD or 10 USD. One bottle of water included. Free cold drinking water (single use plastic cups). Locker size ok. Big and small towel of good quality. Entrance area is decorated with antiques. One staff plays on a piano (!!!). No condom and lube. No private rooms. Venue has two floors.
Himalaya stone salt sauna (in a moment where I was alone I could not resist the temptation to lick to confirm it’s salt). Normal sauna. Herbal steam room (and herbs regularly changed). Restaurant. Massage service. Some areas quite dark, I almost fell into their pool/Jacuzzi.
About 30 staff (some cute) and 30 customers throughout my stay. Customers too pale and too fat for my taste. Chat with an US-American and a Filipino in sauna.
Saigon TD Spa (Thanh Dao)
Railway passes right next to sauna. Entry 90 kD.
Moroccan style. Clean and well maintained. Smoking in staircase.
1stfloor reception, locker (size ok), small and big towel of good quality.
2ndand 3rd toilet, bathroom, group and private rooms (separated by curtain).
4thherbal steam and sauna, can seat 5 each, light through glass door.

Saturday 09.01.2016, stay 15:38-16:12. About 50 customers, place was full. 

10.7787379,106.6748059 = 10°46’43.5″N 106°40’29.3″E
Saturday 09.01.2016. When I asked, only combination massage and sauna available. Read here for more:

at the end of soi with Guyspa
Saturday 09.01.2016. Sauna would cost 350 kD (or is this combination massage + sauna?) Too expensive, skip.

Both above places look luxurious and well maintained.
Saigon Thanh Binh (former Binh Minh)
1st floor mocy parking.
1 Mezzanine massage rooms (separated by curtains).
2nd floor reception.
2 Mezzanine massage.
3rd floor locker (size ok, big and small towel of good quality), free bottle of water and free drinking water, sandals.
3 Mezzanine bathroom, locked.
4th bathroom, locked.
4 Mezzanine TV.
5th group area.
5 Mezzanine 2 showers, steam room, Jacuzzi operating and hot. 

Sunday 10.01.2016, stay 17:13-18:32. Entry 80 kD. Smoking allowed. Estimated 50-100 customers, 4 Whites. See here as well:

1st floor mocy parking.
2nd reception, locker (size ok), big and small towel of good quality. Upper floors similar to previous saunas.

Sunday 10.01.2016, stay 19:50-20:15. Entry 50 kD. Staff sent me to WC to change (no nudity in locker room?). Sauna can sit 5 and is well lit. About 30 to 50 customers throughout, one wouldn’t leave me alone. See here as well:

A bit south on the same side is a building with a large Neon sign: MiMi Saigon. 

1st floor entrance, sauna and steam (both light through glass door; steam room has light under seats which gives weird lighting), Jacuzzi operating and hot. Showers group and private, some rainfall.
2nd reception, locker, group lounge, private rooms (separated by curtains) in darkness.

Monday 11.01.2016, stay 18:53-19:48. 80 kD entry for sauna. About 20 customers throughout, too old and fat for my taste and I was cruised aggressively, at the end had to flee. About 10 massage boys in a room overlooking the lake. There would be better use for a room overlooking the lake (Ho Truc Back). Failed attempts at style, maintenance problems. 
No time to explore other places in Hanoi. But I will be back to Saigon 09.-14.03.2016 and visit more places. However, I have little hope: in all those places above I didn’t see a single customer who was my type.
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