Macho sauna in Pinklao

Macho sauna in Pinklao

Part of the Men Factory/Muffil/Macho group, which has a similar ageist entry price policy as R3/Mania group.

13.771709,100.4839237 = 13°46’18.1″N 100°29’02.1″E
directly west of Pata Pinklao, in the soi between Pata and McDonald’s. Overpass over Boromratchachonnai road ถนนบรมราชชนนี is in front of Pata; Orion sauna is in walking distance (1.0 km to the north-west, Boromratchachonnani Soi 9).

with phone numbers, map, list of bus lines that pass (149 and 507 are missing).

Entry for Age 20-24 99 Baht all day all time.
Age 25-55
Mon-Thu 140 Baht; before 17 and after 22 90 Baht
Fri-Sat 160 Baht; before 17 and after 1 90 Baht
Sun 160 Baht; before 17 and after 22 90 Baht.
Age 56 and up 300 Baht.

Dress Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat underwear, Wed big towel, Tue, Thu, Sun naked. Wed army night.
(Wed appears three times)
Open Sun-Thu 14-1, Fri-Sat 14-6. 
Sexy boy showtimes Fri 20, Sat 22, Sun 19:30. 
(Note at reception, haven’t been.)
Orgy night Macho and Muffil every Wed from 20.02.2016.

1st floor = ground floor reception, small gym, toilet
2nd small gym, locker, free cold drinking water with cups reused, group shower with liquid soap and two with hot water
3rd rooms, sauna (not very hot, light only through window and glow from heater), steam room (not very hot), entry to steam room through plastic stripes instead of door, these are only source of light
4th porn room (pixelated genitals), bathroom, private rooms
5th rooms, small passage (fat people cannot pass through), barbed wire on top of walls between room that do not reach ceiling
6th rooftop garden as smoking area

The sauna consists of two houses combined, double stairway, but on 4th floor no connection between rooms in one part and porn room and bathroom in the other part.

Sunday 06.12.2015
Stay 18:30-20:48. Nude day, but customers mixed nude/towel/underwear. About 50 customers throughout, looks promising!

Saturday 12.12.2015
Stay 20:42-21:50. Looks promising. Finally a boy whom I had in Feb 2015 (?) from hornet and who worked in Classic Boys and whom I would like to meet again but lost contact with appears! Exchange contact details. Update: see him again two weeks later in my room, everything fine.

Monday 22.02.2016 (Makha Bucha day)
Stay 19:02-21:30. One cute staff. About 30 customers throughout. Several customers worth a second look. Poor quality porn. Toast with jam as long as lasts. Get new towel after asking at reception (the one towel they provide is poor quality, after one use it’s a wet rag). Part of the sauna is open only Fri to Sun 20-1 (note in Thai on the door).

One boy looks cute and has nice underwear and warm and dry skin (touch several times in labyrinth, he does not reciprocate). He doesn’t seem interested, so I give up. But then see him in the shower: big dick. One last attempt. Follow him to rooftop where he smokes. Chat him and up and exchange Line. Will meet some time.

Leave and wait in vain for bus 149 or 507 from 21:32 to 22:18. Lines 68, 79, 80, 203, 511 pass. Finally get on 79 to Siam and take taxi from there. Happened to me twice (long wait, no bus) that I remember and friend reported similar difficulties: no direct bus (149 or 507) to Sathorn at night.

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