A ‘Big’ Mistake In His Stats!

There is increasingly a lively discussion in gay chat rooms about bars vs. the apps. Do you prefer to go out for a drink in the hope of bumping into a nice new friend for the night? Perhaps you prefer to see the whole package in a go-go bar or sauna before you leap, as it were? Or are you perfectly happy checking the apps and arranging quick hook-ups that way?
Nothing is as simple as it sounds. The bar may be devoid of customers. If you see boy wonder, he may be with a boyfriend or has no interest in you. At a go-go bar, by the time you have made your selection from the temptations up on stage, he may have already been offed by another customer. Bugger! And if you take the apps route, you really have no guarantee that the photos which take your fancy are actually those of the young man you have arranged to meet.
Real Photo or Stolen? – tumblr.com
Each of us has his own preference. But it’s often necessary to change our routine when travelling overseas. When on business, time will be limited. If we arrive early in a week, will the bars be

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