Kanchanaburi to Hua Hin by train (with a bonus stop at the tallest stupa in the world)

Kanchanaburi is west of Bangkok on the Nam Tok railway line, separate from the main north and south lines. This line formed what was part of the Death Railway, which connected Thailand to Burma by rail. There has been proposals to connect Thailand and Myanmar by rail via this route, but for now it remains as just a plan.
For travellers visiting Kanchanaburi that means there is a bit of a backtrack to continue north or south. If you have already been to Bangkok and want to avoid backtracking, the quickest way south is by a chartered taxi, which takes

You can read full article here: https://www.nomadicnotes.com/kanchanaburi-to-hua-hin-by-train-via-nakhon-pathom/

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