Waterboy Onsen sauna in Rama 2 Soi 19

Waterboy Onsen sauna in Rama 2 Soi 19Newest gay sauna in Bangkok: Waterboy Onsen วอเตอร์บอยออนเซ็น opened in 2015 (first facebook entry 17 Aug 2015) in Rama 2 Soi 19. https://www.instagram.com/waterboy_onsen/https://www.facebook.com/Waterboy-Onsen-125948771083164/View from Rama 2 road: Open 14-24, entry 170 Baht (under 21 year olds 99 Baht).Layout:1st floor reception, Jacuzzi (accessible from

You can read full article here: http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2016/05/waterboy-onsen-sauna-in-rama-2-soi-19.html


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