Pattaya March 2016

Pattaya March 2016

Details about Royal House Massage, changes in bars, online dating, gogo bars.

Last trip to Pattaya was in November. There was always something more important, interesting or urgent. After several postponements, now an appointment that can’t be moved: friend from Germany is in Pattaya for 3 days.

Sunday 20.03.2016

Arrive in the afternoon and check into Baan Dok Mai. My first time there, and I’m pleasantly surprised, great value for money at 550 Baht per night for standard room (booked via to show a hotel booking for tourist visa application in Saigon, usually I do walk-in).

Walk past all boy massage place around Tuk-Com around 16:30, can’t spot any cute. Directly west of Bua Khao road, behind cucumber restaurant and hotel, is a second hand market for clothes and other stuff (e.g. a pile of used mobile phone covers for 20 Baht each; in Bangkok I paid 50). The first hand market is in disassembly around 17:00. The southern end of Beach Road with craters in the pavement from washed out sand is now fenced off as construction zone. Former Howard’s guesthouse (now Boutique Hotel) is down to 5 floors (two years ago, they built more floors than they were allowed to and are still taking them off), and still construction zone!

In Sunee Plaza, Jasmine bar and guesthouse is closed (I stayed there several times), Ting Tong Red rooms all new (info from manager, didn’t check), bar all new, expands onto the other side of the soi (in front of Marina pool).

Have some time to kill before bars open, and finally spot a cute boy sitting outside at Royal House massage. When he leads me in, there are about 10 more inside, promising but at a cursory view nobody cuter than the boy I had chosen from outside (there were 3 outside). That comes as a surprise, all other massages either have their boys sitting outside or you can see the interior from walking past.

1 hour oil massage 400 Baht, minimum tip 500 Baht. Showers on the floor with curtain, hot water, shampoo and shower gel. We shower separately. Room with massage table without face well. The room is rather small, there is space to walk along the table on one side, but most of the massage was performed with masseur kneeing on the table.

Name Kit, 20 years old, is fluent in Thai, says he comes from Buriram but does not know which district. I guess he is Cambodian, later ask how long he has been in Thailand: long time (he didn’t say he is born here!). If such a situation arises again, I will give names of districts that are not in Buriram province, and ask him which district he comes from. Works 11:00 – 20:30 (but on following mornings didn’t see anyone outside at midday).

Nude from the beginning. Massage soft, first I thought he has no training, but then got full massage before going to afters. No tattoos, a bit too hairy and skin cold from aircon, apart from that everything fine, willing and able, 1000 Baht well deserved.

Sunee Plaza at night. Euroboys has been converted to a beer bar, Sunny boys is permanently closed, Double Shot closed that day (but open next day).

Eros 20:26-21:12. I am first customer. Orange juice 100 Baht. Music, light and temperature ok. Boys in individual underwear covered by those hideous shorts! One boy Gus 20 years old has cute face and nice underwear, but too fat. He notices my interest and sits down uninvited, cold skin. Small talk and tip him 100 Baht. More boys and customers come in, and when I leave 21:12 there are 14 boys and 10 customers, and the usual activities take place.

Toy Boys 21:30-22:36. Hot tea 200 Baht. 15 boys in white briefs and closed shoes, 8 customers. Total number of boys must be around 25, of which 10 to 15 on stage, mix of twinks and hunks. Music, light and temperature ok. Their most handsome boys seem to be outside shirtless to lure customers in. Bar fills up in the course of my stay.

A boy number 6 appears, big hole with ring in right earlobe and tattoo on right arm and upper back, big cock and balls as far as I can see, but a crab ladder. Shows interest in me and I ponder offing him, but leave it at 100 Baht tip and maybe off him next time.

Wild West Boys is no gogo bar any more, lights on, door open but either nobody or only staff inside. Stage and room for audience as before, outside terrace some changes.

Language note (French, accents omitted):
“New Cafe Royal” correct spelling, former “Le Cafe Royale” is spelled wrongly (cafe is masculine in French, hence “royal” and not “royale”). Similar for bakery “Saint Etoile” should be “Sainte Etoile” (etoile is feminine, hence “sainte”). (Thanks to a native speaker friend for confirming my suspicions.)

Kawaii Boys 22:44-23:24. Orange juice 150 Baht. 11 boys in individual underwear and bare feet, twinks. Music ok. Fan blows, ask staff to switch if off, then temperature ok. Flashing lights. A boy #26 I remember from both previous visits (navel piercing and unsymmetrical tattoo circle with wings on abdomen and arse antlers) is there again, a bordercase and hideous underwear, but I’m curious what he might be like in bed. A boy #8 with an awesome body passes in underwear and leaves fully dressed. Suddenly 3 people (customers and staff) smoke at the same time, pay and flee. Over 5 customers during my stay.

Chat with manager (?) Poppy (cute twink, 19 y.o., from Bangkok Ratchada) outside and get his hornet. He says #8 left to see a customer.

On Beach Road spot 2 available boys around 23:45.

Vassa 23:48-00:22. Pineapple juice 160 Baht. 9 boys in black briefs (very brief, not my style) and bare feet, 2 customers. Smoking allowed. 17 and 23 are cute. Music ok, light poor, temperature ok.

On Beach Road spot 3 available boys (different from those 23:45) around 00:30.

Have a snack (BBQ chicken heart and liver and sticky rice), price has risen from 30 Baht last year to 50 Baht now!

Passing Kawaii again 00:45, #8 sits outside and invites me to go in. Nop from Buriram, good English. Warm skin, and when he buys food and bends over and I can see the shape of his underwear through his shorts, he got me! Wants to go with me, but I would have to pay an off fee. Not at 00:45! Exchange Line and leave. Our subsequent communication on Line is a surprise:

24:49 Christian [Sticker] (I don’t use stickers, after typing his Line ID in my phone he sent a sticker rom my Line)
24:49 Christian Hello, this is Christian from Germany
24:50 Christian Nop kawaii number 8
24:50 Name ‘Nop’ Yes
24:51 Christian I go home now, wait for you at baan dok mai.
24:51 Christian บ้านดอกไม้ ตึกคอม (Baan Dok Mai Tuk Com)
24:51 Name ‘Nop’ You off me
24:51 Name ‘Nop’ Play bar
24:53 Christian Come after work for short time.
24:53 Name ‘Nop’ You can give money how much?
24:55 Christian 1000
24:55 Name ‘Nop’ No
24:55 Name ‘Nop’ 2500
24:56 Christian 1000
24:57 Name ‘Nop’ No
1:02 Christian I’m on walking street now. If you want to meet for 1000, message me.
1:03 Name ‘Nop’ 2000
1:03 Name ‘Nop’ I pay bar 500
1:03 Name ‘Nop’ 1500
1:03 Name ‘Nop’ Ok
1:04 Christian After work no need to pay bar. 1000
1:05 Name ‘Nop’ No you Understand 2000 ok
1:06 Christian Sorry, cannot.
1:06 Name ‘Nop’ Ok
1:06 Name ‘Nop’ Bye
1:06 Christian Good night.
1:06 Name ‘Nop’ Ok
1:08 Christian You want to come?
1:12 Name ‘Nop’ I go 200
1:12 Name ‘Nop’ I go 2000
1:14 Christian 1000 (message read, no answer)

24:02 Christian I’m in Bangkok. Hope to see you again next time. Good night!
24:41 Name ‘Nop’ Ok

He might just have had a customer who paid 2000 for short time and hopes that will go on? I go home alone, but will be back for him! Might have to go early and off him to cut the bullshit. Or better try to get him directly before work.

Sunee Plaza around 1:45 am half of the venues still open and busy with ratio staff:customers about 2:1.

JJ Karaoke opposite Baan Dok Mai half full around 2:30 am.

Monday 21.03.2016

Afternoon at Jomtien Beach with friends from Germany. There are now 4 rows of chairs, wooden chairs for 30 Baht or white plastic chairs for 100 Baht. It was busy with customers, and there were some cute staff or sales boys.

Chat on gayromeo and Line with a boy who is a faker. As posted on sawatdeenetwork and gaythailand:

It seems Happy__boy21 #22192495 is a faker. I have met the boy in the pictures in 2012 (?) and our paths crossed a few times afterwards (last saw him in Silom in Dec 2015). Now message him on gayromeo to get current phone number and Line. The boy on the profile picture on Line looks different, speaks poor English (but can read and write Thai), is from Lao (so is the original boy) and his name is Yai (don’t remember the original boy’s name, but it’s not Yai; does anyone know?) and works in Toy boys (message from 30.12.2015).

Abort once I realize the boy I am writing with (and one video call) is not the boy in the pictures.

17:10 walk through Jomtien complex, many boys, spot one cute.

Meet a boy JJ from hornet in Tuk-Com 18:26. Money boy, my offer 1000 for short time immediately accepted. Good English and is on time (i.e. is there before me, my room is 2 minutes walk, so I told him to message me from book store in Tuk Com). Shaved facial hair (I couldn’t see that on his pictures on hornet). Nonetheless, invite him to my room.

Interesting conversation, then undress. More body hair, but good in bed. Boyfriend candidate 2 in 2016 (provided he goes without money on future meetings). We cavort in bed and have a nap, finally leave my room 22:10 (!). He wants to drink with friends in Sky Bar, I go to Power Boys.

Power Boys 22:27-23:02. 10 Boys in red individual underwear (briefs or boxer) and bare feet, a mixed bunch, and 1 customer when I enter. 11 Boys and 4 customers when I leave. Music, light, temperature ok. Customers smoking. Tip 100 to a boy I had before.

Walking Street up to Bali Hai pier, then to Beach Road and Boyztown. 00:20 Nop #8 sitting fully dressed outside Kawaii, engrossed in his phone, whereas other boys in underwear invite me inside.

By chance, meet a Farang friend M in Sunee Plaza, sitting with JJ and another Thai boy. That’s a bit awkward, whom to talk to first and how to figure out who goes with whom. (M and I have overlap in type, and shared a few boys.) It seems JJ and other Thai boy go to Tam Nam Isan with M, but when I walk home alone JJ messages me and wants to go with me. “No money no sex” is fine for him. Go back to pick him up, then to my room and sleep.

Tuesday 22.03.2016

Some hugging and groping in the morning, then get up, check out and have breakfast together and say goodbye (with intention to meet again soon in Bangkok).

Go to M’s hotel (he came by car and offers me ride back). M wants to buy foodstuff at Friendship supermarket. I didn’t have time to go there before to check out the check-out boy from and there is one who fits the description and who is my type (but just passing through and enough choice in the bars I didn’t say or do anything). Return to Bangkok.

Verdict: Some gogo bars comfortably full (without invading other’s personal space). As I said in my last report, the magic is gone, but Pattaya is still a great place for some boy fun.

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