Weekly report from Pattaya Dec. 5, 1999

Dr. Allen R. Briggs





  • Pattaya Fishery Festival honors His Majesty’s 6th Cycle Birthday
  • Plans for a totally new type bar hit snag
  • Splash still supposed to open Dec. 11; workers busy, so may be possible
  • BoyzBoyzBoyz Anniversary Party Dec. 6; special effects promised
  • Trink reports Butcher Hans Restaurant still for sale; inquiries, but no sale yet
  • Tips from a recent traveler on hotels, bars, massages and day trips
  • Trink’s comments on erotic shows likely to cause “crackdown” on gay places?
  • First time visitor reviews Pattaya, Bankok scenes from his perspective
  • Skytrain service makes Saphan Kwai easily accessible from Silom – Patpong area
  • Classic Boys 2nd Anniversary party too successful; supply of young men depleted
  • Icon Club review by John of California — his first visit there
  • Dream Boys promises, “Your dreams come true”
  • Paradise takes different approach with flyers
  • Maison Bleue — Baan Sri Fa — Blue House; three languages, one massage place
  • Nova Boys Club promoting “sexy show”
  • John D. now back in California after quick visit
  • Tragedy in neighborhood shows no place safe
  • Another tragedy at nearby Laem Chabang mars holiday weekend


The City of Pattaya’s “Pattaya Fishery Festival” is now in full gear honoring His Majesty the King’s Sixth Cycle Birthday, which occurs on December 5, on which date the King will attain the age of 72 years, a very auspicious birthday under Thai custom.

The festival has many displays relating to fishing throughout the four regions of Thailand, and fishing – type village buildings are on display typical of the Northern villages, Northeastern Villages, “Middle Villages” and Southern Villages. In addition, many of the restaurant areas built at the sidewalk line along Pattaya Beach Road from the area of Montien Hotel some distance northerly of Central Road and continuing southerly past Mike Shopping Center offer fish, shrimp and other seafood specialties, as well as handicrafts, beer booths, etc. buildings are already under construction on the Pattaya Beach Road.

Last week’s elephant festival turned out to be primarily two days with parades, one day in the Naklua area and one parade through downtown Pattaya. This festival is much larger, with major shows being featured at the well lighted center stage near Central Pattaya Road, with featured groups singing and performing from about 8 p.m. to midnight Saturday and Sunday.

The “area” typical shacks also featured, as for the Northeast Village house, various home appliances, including four hand operated spinning wheels, a loom (weaving machine), many and varied nets and trap boxes for trapping fish and other sea creatures. Displays also featured photos of the many types of fish and other sea creatures found in Thailand

The official brochure explained the various activities as follows:

The theme of the festivities is set forth as “paying tribute to His Majesty the King”: “Throughout Thailand, we all, and Thais, are so pleased to join the celebrations on the auspicious occasion His Majesty, the King’s, 6th cycle birthday anniversary, paying tribute of His Majesty the King; blessing your Highness along Pattaya Beach Road.”

Sea-view happy sightseeing was to be combined with welcoming our guests to meet Pattaya community’s original lifestyle; mirrored ways of life of fishing village, and local play such as Mae-Sri ballet; paying respect to Mae-Ya-Rau, native ballet, etc.

As for the Chao Phraya area, “to discover central region lifestyle, native play, children–local play, elaborate art performance such as flowers, banana leaves, self-defense or martial art and Thai ancient making sweet meats demonstration. The Ta-Pi River Basin Merriment includes presenting the Southern Region community lifestyle, local traditions performance, such as Ma Nor-rah ballet.

Northerner’s friendship was to be evidenced by finding out about the northern region’s community’s lifestyle, Lan-na tradition, music and other performances, and “Cheerful Pattaya City” was represented as: “to impress Pattaya city lifestyle, at the present time, n the way of modern tourism, city, various customs, refreshing music and several sports.”


Thailand’s governmental agencies have posed a difficult obstacle for the operator of a proposed totally new type bar in the Pattaya area to overcome. Although the bar he sought to open is in a busy area with any number of other business establishments all around, the authorities have decided that, if he wants to open this particular bar, he has to pony up a huge sum to pay for a new electric transformer! Such was never an issue in the business which operated in the site earlier, but before he can open the proposed new bar, he has two choices: pay up, or don’t open. They will not provide the electricity in the quantity he needs for his establishment unless he pays the entire cost of a new, additional transformer — for a business in the middle of a well-established block!

Accordingly, it now appears that this particular establishment, which to me at least seemed to offer tremendous potential as a huge drawing card for many gay men, is “on hold”, though not yet totally given up. He writes: ” At the moment, my Thai Management is trying to clear something with the electric meter people in Banglamung, because I need 3 Phases. They want some money for an extra transformer in the area. 210,000 Baht – I refuse to pay that amount. Sounds unbelievable!!!!!!! ” As Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post’s “Nite Owl” columnist, would say, “T.I.T.”


At last, the workers “renovating” the site of the new Splash bar between Le Cafe Royale and Throb Bar finally seem to be making progress inside. For most of the past year, they have had a few workers in the site working a little bit at a time, never seemingly on a regular schedule.

This week, as I am advised that the December 11 opening is still being planned, workers seem to have gotten serious; there are welders and cement workers and others inside seemingly quite busy. December 11 is the official date for the opening; I still have my doubts, but having seen how fast Believe Bar in Day Night Soi 2 was renovated and opened, I have to admit it is at least possible Splash will make the December 11 opening.



BoyzBoyzBoyz is planning an anniversary party, now finally identified as its twelfth (12th) anniversary, with the announcement that “Boys Boys Boys [spelled as they spell it on their main sign on this event posted on their front door] celebrates our own 12th anniversary “Pre-Millennium Party” with special appearances by Madame Jim [the owner].

The Diving (sic–presumably “Divine”) Miss M Hearththrob; Cabaret by Alcazar, Tiffany and Simon. Fun and Frolic for all. Lucky Door Prizes. Sexy Man Show.” Showtime 2300. 6 December 99. (The date and time had to be taken from a flyer posted below the main sign; there was no time or date on the main sign.) Neither this big sign nor this flyer mention the “special effects” advertised in an earlier flyer, but those special effects are apparently in readiness, as we reported last week, when we were told by a guy who stayed at Ambiance Hotel that BBB really does have a snow machine (or two?) in readiness, so we shall see. No evidence of snow yet!


We reported a while back that Butcher Hans was trying to sell his barbecue and other specialty items restaurant in Sunee Plaza located just a few doors from Nok Nok Boys Night Club, as he had told us some time ago. Bernard Trink, in his column this week in the Bangkok Post, advised: ” Butcher Hans (Sunee Plaza, Soi VC Hotel, off Pattaya 2 Road) is still on the chopping block. Internet enquiries (British spelling) yet to materialize into offers. Meanwhile the Swiss pub remains in full operation for ribs, steaks and international specialties. Old friends from Bangkok should be advised that Hans is still there. Fax Butcher Hans at 038-426-045.”

Hans had told several of us a few weeks ago that he needs to return to Europe for medical treatment, and does not expect to return. Hans formerly operated his establishment on Pattayaland Soi 1 in downtown South Pattaya. Trink’s weekly “Nite Owl”column is available at www.bangkokpost.net


A visitor here in August and October offers “tips” based on his two recent visits to Pattaya:


If you book at the Ambiance, be sure to check two things. Are they finished with construction? (Doubtful.) And what floor is your room on. The hotel is tall, has no lift, and has been ungodly noisy and smelly with construction on my last two visits. Otherwise brilliant. And worth joining the Utopia club for the 15% room discount. (For info on Utopia, see www.utopia-asia.com


Nok Nok: a lot of fun, the music is great and the boys are festive.

Super Boy Bar: caught two of the famous mucking shows. One was the best I have ever seen, both guys macho and attractive, and superbly acrobatic. The second show with different boys paled in comparison. Come early and often, I suppose.

Throb: Warning! There is a boy in the cabaret show (he does a solo dancing act in a nice suit) who has bitten me TWICE on the nose, breaking the skin on both occasions. This happened both this October and back in August. I had forgotten about the incident or I would have never returned. He approaches customers during the dance act and wields his fangs. I don’t know if he picks on me because he likes me or hates me but it is very annoying to say the least.

Mandate Come Back: They were having real problems in October and were down to a bare bones staff ‘o boys. Happily, one or two is often enough.

Tai Boy: Tired boys.


Royal House Massage: I found the service has gone down a notch since I visited last August. They failed to heat the Thai herbals for the body scrub (as they had before) but all in all it is a nice facility.

The Body Club: I worked out here almost every day and tried three massages. If you care about quality of the actual massage, I highly recommend a guy named Top. Noon is also nice.


Tried out Wild Mango (on a soi off Pattaya Road 2 out towards Big C) and found the food and prices quite good. There was a big mixup with the order because I was with my Thai friend Aey …. but when we eventually got the big fish we wanted, it was a gastronomic orgasm. Aey agreed and if you knew him you’d know he’s not easily excited.

Day Trips:

Did the one day day trip to Koh Samet. It is an awful lot of travelling for a short time on a very nice beach. I think it is better to stay a few nights. If you go there, be prepared for heat and sun on the long boat ride; it appeared that many of the travelers (me included) were about to expire.

End of this recent traveler’s comments.


A couple of years ago, Wayne and I were swept up in … but walked out untouched from … a police raid on a gay bar (Screw Boy) in the Patpong area that had been mentioned in Bernard Trink’s Bangkok Post column earlier that day, as police raided in obvious response to the mention of erotic sex at the place. Trink subsequently acknowledged that high police authorities often “follow through” after seeing items in his column.

Such seems a likely result of the following item in this week’s column by Trink in his Nite Owl column: “The constabulary has a curious notion of what is erotic (acceptable) and what is lewd (a no-no). Heterosexual sex on stage is a no-no, gay sex shows are OK. You figure it.” Sounds like this would not be a good weekend to be checking out the “erotic” shows in Bangkok’s gay areas around Patpong!


TOM IN SAN FRANCISCO sent me the following report on his expereinces on his first visit to Thailand.

“I was asked to submit a short on my travels to Pattaya and Bangkok. My first trip to Thailand for the most part was a positive experience. I flew from Sydney on a non stop Thai Airlines flight. Let me take a moment to give Thai Airlines a plug. The service was good, the staff friendly, the food delicious, and the plane was clean. It was an enjoyable 9 hour flight & I expect to fly them again in the future.

“Thanks to acquaintance of mine here in San Francisco who visits Pattaya regularly, it was arranged for a taxi driver to meet me at Bangkok International upon my arrival. Just as planned I was met by a friendly Thai driver who drove me to Pattaya safely and quickly. I can’t recall the exact time it took us to drive south however I do remember it was much quicker than I expected. About 1 1/2 hours from leaving the airport we were at Le Cafe Royale. At this time it was about 1:00 am. Now I will have to admit that, other than beautiful islands and bars with dancers, I didn’t know what to expect in Thailand. After checking my room out, and washing up, I was ready to take a look at one of these “go go bars” that stood out upon my drive into Pattayaland Soi 3.

“Since my friend recommended Boyz Boyz Boyz and since it was across the street from my hotel, this was to be my first stop. I thought nothing surprised me anymore. I thought I had seen it all already. As I walked through the front door and saw the stage filled with young, clean, handsome boys with smooth skin dancing in their underwear, my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And some of them were smiling at me too.

Did I die and go to heaven? Before I could walk anywhere a host came up to me and escorted me to a table. He tried to make conversation but noticed my surprise (shock) at this scene. He was chuckling with some of the other employees, probably at my reaction. It wasn’t easy for me to sit there and figure out this “operation” but I loved watching the Thai Boys. I soon realized it was just an initial reaction to my first seeing (Pattaya-type) go go bars.

“During my stay in Pattaya I took advantages of several massages on the beach. A real deal at 200 baht an hour. One day I traveled to Koh Samet. If you check out this beautiful island, don’t make the mistake I made by spending just one day. At least go for an overnighter. Fit in 2 nights if your time allows. My next visit will be at least 2 myself.

“My experience with go go boys was limited. I spent some of my time with one dancer from “Thai Boys” and we both enjoyed one another’s company. I met a guy in the gym next to my hotel and one guy outside across from my hotel. All of the Thai boys I met were good guys and fun to hang out with.

“My last night I was fortunate to have been brought to the Icon club. The customer service was excellent (Hi, Leng!!!) and the entertainment outstanding. Khun Toi sang here and later that night in the early hours I was entertained by him again at my hotel’s piano bar. The pianist at Le Cafe Royale’s bar is a true musician never missing a key during his performance. He sings well too.

“Overall I enjoyed Pattaya, the people were friendly and the nightlife was fun. I will return to this town, my only difference will be to explore more of the surrounding area & spend less time in the go go bars.

Bangkok was good to me. I met a Thai early on and we spent the week together. Basically he moved in to my hotel. We spent our time going out during the evenings and sleeping in the mornings. The hotel we stayed @ was nice. It is across from the Malaysia Hotel. It is called Honey House and the phone number is 679-8112-3. At least that is one of several numbers I am looking at here on their card. The price was fair (400 baht) and the room clean. The neighborhood is nice too. If you ever stay there, request a room on the top floor. Many stairs but a nice view.

“I plan on returning to Thailand in 2001. This next time I will make a point to visit the country side and see Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, and Phuket. Whenever I speak about my experiences in Thailand to my family and friends, I tend to emphasize on the friendly people, the delicious food, and the scenery more so than the sex industry. I was not ready to leave when the time came to fly home. I could have easily stayed much longer but my job required me to get back. I am now concentrating on holidays with my new friend. Our goal is to have him visit me here in San Francisco and if we are not successful, we plan on meeting in Europe next year. That was the best part of my Thai adventure–meeting my young Thai friend.

“Thanks to Larry in San Francisco for helping me with my travels and thanks to Gay Pattayan for just being there when I needed someone in Pattaya.”

End of Tom’s report from San Francisco


For many of us who enjoy the incredibly different atmosphere in the bars in the Saphan Kwai area of Bangkok, with Apache leading the parade for some of us, anyway, the Skytrain offers a tremendous benefit. Bangkok’s Sky Train is officially opening this weekend, with the opening set for the King’s Birthday on Sunday, December 5. One of our friends now staying most of the time in the Bangkok area has pointed out that we can now get aboard a Skytrain train at Silom ‘s Patpong area’s Saladaeng station, change trains at Siam Square, and go directly to Saphan Kwai.

Sounds like a wondrously simple trip on what is reported to be a smooth, fast, comfortable ride. The trains will apparently run every 30 minutes. The only “damper” I can see on it is that, as I understand it, the Skytrain will not run in the late night hours. If I am correct on this, and I find nothing in the newspaper today confirming my impression, one who went up to Saphan Kwai by Skytrain for the “night out on the town”, would apparently have to rely on a taxi to get back to the Silom-Suriwong area … but taxi travel from Saphan Kwai late at night is always a simple, quick matter, with swarms of taxis available on both of the main streets at Saphan Kwai. (Phahonyothin and Pradiphat) And a fairly reasonable price, too!

A nice write-up of the potential of the Skytrain for sightseeing in Bangkok and for easier travel to and from areas near the Skytrain route is featured in the RT (RealTime) Section of Friday’s Bangkok Post, December 3. It should be accessible on www.bangkokpost.net


CLASSIC BOYS CLUB, on Pattayaland Soi 1, just off Pattaya Second Road, had too successful a second anniversary party, reports indicate. While still fairly early in the evening, their offer of a free “off” with each purchase of a bottle of whiskey had almost totally depleted the bar’s “supply” of fine looking young go-go dancers, and two friends had to go elsewhere to find their company for the evening. The party was Friday night, December 3.


THE ICON CLUB – Pattaya, Thailand. Finally, on the last night of my holiday in Pattaya, I had the chance to take in one of the wondrous performances of Khun Toi, while he can still be seen in the intimate seating of a local venue. At first, I thought the reviews I heard of Khun Toi and the Icon Dancers would prove to have been vastly exaggerated — however, I was in for the surprise of my life.

“As I was ushered into a front row seat alongside “Gay Pattayan” (who now, by the way, must be considered a confirmed V.I.P. guest of the club, as evidenced by the loud gushing sounds lavished upon him by cute staff members), Khun Toi was belting out his steamy rendition of “New York, New York,” standard fare for most nightclub acts, but not when Khun Toi takes the stage. Toi’s voice is very unique. He can sustain the strongest tones, belting them out with an unrestrained robustness and enthusiasm, leaving you breathless, only to seconds later, bring you to tears as he tenderly caresses you with the silkiness of a melody like “Oceans Apart.” Pure rapture. Toi was accompanied by a one-man orchestra. The musical arrangements delivered by this solitary musican on the synthesizer, Mr. Sunny, heightened the enjoyment and emotional fervor and was the perfect complement to Khun Toi’s vocalizing.

“If Khun Toi’s vocal renderings don’t leave you dreaming and begging for more, his magnificent male presence certainly will. He commands the stage with seamless effort, holding you in the palm of his hand while his unabashedly handsome character, strong youthful physique, and boundless energy take you by storm and drive you to the brink of desire… most willingly. What’s even more amazing is how all this could be contained in one package — a sexy package that somehow finds room for tenderness and honest humility… but he’s got it — in spades.

“To round out the perfect evening, the performance by the Icon Dancers was nothing short of stunning. The choreography, exquisite. Part of the contagion of enthusiasm one feels at this performance is due to the dancers’ honest enthusiasm — they really are having fun and like to share it with the audience. Their skillful routines are carried out with a youthful, zealous energy and athletic precision that left this reviewer exhausted.

“In every way, this was an evening to remember always, due in large part to the Australian owners, two handsome men who go out of their way to ensure their patrons are happy and enjoying themselves. The environment the club creates is very intimate and hopelessly romantic… the bamboo decor was reflective of the balmy, seaport village nature of Pattaya.

“Yes, indeed, this is a venue that the Pattaya Village fathers and all of Thailand can be proud of, but they better enjoy it while they can because this show is most definitely bound for international heights.”

End of John’s review.


DREAM BOYS, adjacent to Classic Boys, was offering “60 handsome and talented A GO GO BOYS are waiting to spoil you! Whatever your dream is — the will make it come true! All of our staff will ensure that you have an enjoyable evening. You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience!” These promises from their recent flyer, which also advertised, “Short time rooms available.”


“Another A-Go-Go-Bar? OH, NO, NOT AGAIN! But it is not just “another one”! It’s “PARADISE”. With new management, totally renovated and new staff who care for you! We offer nothing special — no fancy shows, no discount, no lucky draws. We just offer what you are looking for: Many HANDSOME AND CHARMING BOYS. All of them stunning looking and ready for any adventure to take you to YOUR PRIVATE PARADISE. ”

Paradise flyer from this week.



Adding the Thai, “Baan Sri Fa” to help identify its name and location, the Blue House Massage and Bar, also known as Maison Bleue, at Soi Yensabai’s entrance to the Sunee Plaza area, announces that it is already open in the afternoon, from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. Classic air con bar with soft music; beer, wine, soft drinks; one full hour massage by a boy from 350 baht, hot shower included. Oil massage or cream massage; all individual air conditioned cabins; VIP room; four floor massage house. Outside service also available, as well as “spacious car park.” Internet: www.pattayacity.com/pattaya/bluehouse.html

Phone: (038) 713-458


Nova Boys Club, open p.m. 9:00 — a.m. 3:00 Don’t miss your good chance. We are pleased to present the NEW ORIGINAL sexy show to you, from many sexy NOVA’s boys. PM 11:30 Every night. (038-429-645) mobile phone: 01-295-3071


Even in a fairly quiet residential neighborhood, violence can flare up suddenly. This week, the hotel owner of Oriental Inn was slain by four or more armed intruders, at least three of whom are believed to have been guests in the Inn. The inn is located in an area where numerous expatriates (guys from foreign countries) live. According to the Pattaya Mail, “Police believe the gang who murdered him was the same whose members were arrested and deported in 1996 for a similar robbery.” Nice — arrested and deported! And then the Thai authorities are “amazed” that they should be able to get other identity papers and return to commit a crime such as this! “Police surmise they returned to Thailand using different names.”

“Amazing Thailand!” See www.pattayamail.com, issue Vol. 7, #49, for further information on this tragic killing and robbery.


An oil tank explosion and fire at Thaioil’s refinery in Laem Chabang, readily visible from the main Sukhumvit Highway and the bypass around Chonburi that ends at Laen Chabang brought billowing black smoke and huge leaping flames to the attention of both Wayne and I as we returned from Bangkok early Friday afternoon, in a fire that actually started Thursday night. The newspapers report now that four separate tanks were engulfed in the flames, but apparently only the first actually exploded. The others merely caught fire and continued burning until their contents were consumed. All other tanks in the vicinity were drained into a major holding pond, from which the oil will later be recovered.

At least four men (two security guards, a refinery worker and a fireman) were killed and 14 injured in the initial explosion, and its immediate aftermath, with the fire continuing into Saturday. The officials expected to have the fire under control sometime Saturday, and apparently succeeded in that goal.

The Bangkok Post reports that the fire “apparently” resulted from human failure, but no details were provided. Laem Chabang is less than 20 miles by highway from Pattaya, and much closer when viewed across the harbor of the Gulf of Thailand.

In the aftermath, the publicity-seeking Governor of Bangkok quickly demanded that all oil storage tanks in Metropolitan Bangkok be removed from the city! He especially expressed concern about a grouping of oil tanks along the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Klong Toey, where those facilities already have in place an effective 24 hour a day watch on safety procedures; nonetheless, the Governor has now seized upon this incident fifty miles distant to demand the relocation of the Klong Toey facilities out of Bangkok. (And Governor Bichit supposedly is not seeking re-election.)

Further information: www.bangkokpost.net ; www.nationmultimedia.com

That’s it for this week, guys!

Gay Pattayan December 5, 1999

e-mail: gaypattayan@pattayagay.com

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