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Thread: The standing dead, or were they just asleep????

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    The standing dead, or were they just asleep????

    We went out bar hopping through the GOGO Bars in and around Boyz Town last night and were shocked at the lack of life, movement and concern of the boys in most of the of the bars. The worst was Sawadee Boys. The boys just stood there yawning and when the mamasan came over and ask if I saw anything I liked I said, "They are all sleeping", to which the mamasan responded, "Oh, no..they awake." Just then I pointed at a boy yawning, as mamasan looked at him he said to me, "What I do????" To which I said, "Wake them up." Mamasans response was a shrug as she walked away. Second prize for the worst bar of the evening went to Chrystal Boys. Not only were the boys asleep in place but the mamasan was down right rude.

    I want to end on a positive note, so the best bar of the evening was Dynamite Boys. The bar was packed with customers and the boys were fun, alive and all were having a good time. The 11:30 show was good....I hope the Kevin stops by to get a few ideas for his new show at the Birdcage.

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    I totally agree with soi 10 Tom. I usually go to Sunee. Not usually ng different and visitto the go-go bars, but to the beer bars to visit with friends. A few days ago I decided to do something and go to the Boys town area.

    Since Oscar's was full except for a few seats in the a/c part with no view of the street, I tried to get a seat next door at ??Serene beer bar. They also were very full and actually waited for a customer who was leaving to get a seat towards the front. Since a few days previous it was very hard to find a seat at 3 of the beer bars I enjoy going to in Sunee, I thought, "Good! The high season seems to be here" After 2 drinks I thought I'd check out some of the go-go bars on soi 2 and 1. I was so disappointed!

    Dream Boys use to be one of my favorite bars several years ago. The boys were always laughing and playing and the waiters were really great. It use to be a really fun time. Sawadee Boys used to be owned or operated by Noi. He previously had a few different go-go bars in Sunee Plaza. When he had K-boys years and years ago I thought it was also a really fun bar. When he opened Sawadee in the Boys Town area I went there and found the energy and playfulness that he had in his other previous bars. When I went in on this night I sat in disbelief. It was a Tomb. Nothing fun. Boys just sitting on stage. They didn't even rotate. I was sorryI had already bought my drink. I should have noticed that there were only 2 or 3 customers in the bar and walked out. I asked one of the waiters if Noi still owned the bar. The waiter said no that an English man owned the bar but Noi opened one across the street.

    I really can't remember the name but did go in and saw only 4 or 5 boys dancing and it seemed dark so I learned my lesson and left before buying a drink.

    I decided that I had enough "fun" for one night and just walked around a bit more and thought what has happened to the fun bars?

    Maybe my memories of the past have made those days more fun than what they were. But if I was a first time visitor and had the experience I had a few days ago, I would have left on the next flight out.

    It is ture that I am not one that likes to off boys very often. I enjoy joking around, buying a boy or two a drink and then giving them a tip and going on my way. It seems to me that in the past the go-go bars were just more fun for that.

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    an alternative reality
    "The boys just stood there yawning"

    perhaps it was you who had that effect upon them. :tongue:
    I'm only a light drinker. When it's daylight I drink.

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    Bar scene perceptions

    Pattaya Male, there was a thread on this subject some time ago, but I couldn't find it. It dealt with the memories of how fun the scene was for the first time, compared to our impressions of now. The thread seemed to conclude that is not so much how the scene had changed, but how, looking back, our perceptions of it have become jaded. FWIW, I don't know if this helps; maybe it was just a bad night.

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    They don't get it!!

    Bad management is the curse of the boy bars and when there is no direction, no one in charge, the bar dies.

    The boys need direction and if no one gives them direction, they tend to lose motivation and find the lowest common
    denominator and just laze about, leaning if they can , sitting if they can and smoking cigarettes if they can.
    You can't blame the boys, this happens in any business without strong leadership.
    Motivated boys leave bars like this and move on to ones with people who run them intelligently and firmly.

    If you just let things happen, the DJ will play horrible music as loud as he can as it is what he likes and maybe
    the boys like. They don't give a shit if the farangs leave in droves and are angry and forget that the ambiance is
    meant for the customer and not the wannabee disco DJ or the silly lady-boy waiters who flit around or the hideous
    mamasans who only know how to be pushy and obnoxious.

    Sawatdee was a good bar but with foolish owners the bar just falls apart and no one goes except drunken Russian-speaking
    straights and women. I stopped going to Sawatdee long ago when they music hurt my ears and no one gave a shit.
    Maybe the Russians and the other hetero tourists like that atmosphere but it is short sighted and Sawatdee deserved its fate.

    Also agree Dream Boys used to be a great go go bar but same shit happened and foolish owners/managers fill the bars
    with lady-boys and blast the music and the fucking cigarette smoking and bad attitude of the go go boys
    make these bars a no go zone.

    I am glad to hear Dynamite is back on course. I stopped going long ago due to the DJ playing ear blasting music, the boys smoking
    cigarettes on stage and the mamasan being total arseholes.
    They have lost many customers and it will take a long time to recover, if ever..

    Wild West Boys was a great go go bar but now it is a tourist stop for blond women and straight couples and all the hot boys have moved on..
    This decision to cater to high season heteros will cost them when low season rears its ugly head..

    Sorry to be so negative about Boyztown (yes, I know only Pattayaland soi 3 is actually Boyztown, but nobody gives a shit about this either)..
    On the positive side:
    Funny Boys is filled every night with customers and boys as is BBB.. Toy Boys does a good job but Throb/Splash is another bar on the
    hetero circuit and is managed by dinosaurs without a clue how to attract gay men..

    I hope things change drastically when the fucking cigarette/cigar smokers are prevented from spreading their poisons and filth and the boys
    will not light up either.
    Calling it dreaming or whatever but it will happen and I for one will not buy a drink in any bar if I see anyone smoking
    tobacco and let the bosses know why. Of course, this is after the NO SMOKING ban starts new month.
    It doesn't work as they don't give a shit but it makes me feel better.

    I refuse to sit down in any bar with blasting music and I let them know but again they don't give a shit and pretend to lower the blasting if they
    do anything at all. Well, they keep losing my business and if others did the same, things would improve but I am afraid Boyztown is doomed
    to becoming a freak show for heteros tourists and a money pit for the foolish owners who just don't get it!!

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    Amen, Catty!!!!!! You hit the nail on the head. Every organization is a direct reflection of its leadership: be it Bushland or a GOGO bar.

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    Quite some rant of yours above puddycat. However, there's nothing you have said in your post, that I could find fault in or disagree with, which is I think, both a pity and a shame.

    I stopped going to the bars mentioned above a long while ago for the exact reasons highlighted in your post and the posts of all the others in this thread. I find the boys in the go go bars of Sunee much more enthusiastic in the energy they display which makes them fun to be around, as well as creating a better atmosphere for everyone.

    I am glad to hear that there are still some bars that are worth going to in Boyztown, although by what has been said here, they are unfortunately very much in the minority.

    Thanks to all of you guys above for your reports and opinions. It would be nice to think that things will change for the better in the future, although I guess it wouldn't be wise to hold ones breath in wait of it happening.

    Choc Dee,


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    Neither Sawatdee Boys, Crystal Boys, Dynamite Boys or Dream Boys are in Boyztown. They are in neighbouring Sois that have always tried to live off the back of the bars in Boyztown.

    As previous posters point out in this thread, Oscars, BBB, Funny Boys and Serene are all full and all in Boyztown.

    Boyztown is full, and full of gay men. They know of Sunee. Many have no doubt visited Sunee, but they chose to spend in Boyztown. Perhaps they are deluded but, while their delusion lasts, Boyztown will continue to thrive. Soi 3 is far from doomed.

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    in reality, as others have said, it is mainly all about the type of lad one lusts after--if you are not into small, skinny, nellie things flitting about the stage like young girls, then no matter how much enthusiasm they show or energy produced, you will not find that bar to your liking--same if you do not lust after the more masculine, defined guys (not muscle boys), then you will not find certain other bars to your liking.

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    Pink Silom, I would point out to you that of the four bars you mention that are within Boyz Town's "city limits", not in the suburbs of one and two blocks away, two are beer bars with quiet and subdued waiter/host boys, and of the two gogo bars you mention BBB has lost its way and throws its doors open for the Chineses tourist lead by guides with a flag to look in and laugh at the patrons and boys in the bar. Face it! If you are in Boyz Town you are allowing yourself to be one of the monkeys in the zoo that straight tourists are brought in by guides to stare and laugh at. I have not been to Funny Boys and can not offer any opinion of that bar.

    I think that everyone who has made the walk to Sunee realizes that Sunee is rising as the destination of choice by most gay men, and Boyz Town has become a tourist trap for first time visitors and straights.

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