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Thread: Gay rights crackdown in China

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    Gay rights crackdown in China

    Multiple social media accounts belonging to major university LGBTQ rights groups in China have been blocked from the popular WeChat app, prompting fears of targeted censorship and calls Wednesday for an online protest.

    The WeChat pages of groups, including Huazhong University of Science and Technology Gay Pride and Peking University’s ColorsWorld, had their past posts scrubbed and replaced with a notice stating: “all content has been blocked and the use of the account has been stopped” for violations of unspecified social media regulations.

    I did see some speculation that pushing for “marriage equality” may be perceived as a threat to China’s latest “for Xi’s sake have as many kids as possible” policy in the face of China’s demography bust.



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    Re: Gay rights crackdown in China

    Don't be surprised if China is the next Russia, Poland, and Hungary.

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    Re: Gay rights crackdown in China

    In Russia Moses is as gay as he wants to be.

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    Re: Gay rights crackdown in China

    Quote Originally Posted by Uranus View Post
    Don't be surprised if China is the next Russia, Poland, and Hungary.
    after Muslim countries the most homophobic and conservative is Poland - only there exists officially declared "gay free zones" and supported by govt as result of strongest catholic influence....


    in Russia we have "restricted gay propaganda to minors" law and quite strong homophobia in rural areas, but still have gay clubs, saunas, bars and so on... some clubs exist over 25 years already.

    As per China: Chinese govt is neutral and clubs, communities, saunas, and other "stuff" exists. Even 2 most popular gay apps were created and one of them is still owned by Chinese - Hornet and Blued. I'm sure groups were removed as a part of censorship politic and not because they were gay. Rainbow flag in UNI? Nobody cares, student in rainbow clothes, with rainbow signs? Nobody cares.
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