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Thread: A country for rent

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    A country for rent

    Given the numbers of squawkers over on ThaiVisa proclaiming that they’re leaving Thailand for Cambodia it’s apposite that we’re reminded what a corrupt place Cambodia is, and how beholden to China it has become. To that end I recommend an article in a recent NY Review of Books Cambodia: a country for rent - https://www.nybooks.com/articles/201...ntry-for-rent/

    Unfortunately as it’s behind a paywall I suggest asking one of our more prolific consumers of the media, gerefan2, if he can lend his copy or if you’re not a Cheap Charlie you can get access to ten issues for USD10 - approximately 25% of what Christian tells us he expects to pay for a boy to go to his room, or 0.0028 of one of Matt’s Bitcoin

    Speaking of Matt, how much longer must his faithful followers wait for his Vientiane trip? At least Laos isn’t Cambodia - yet

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    Re: A country for rent

    Sadly America lost to the highest bidder.

    The rentable Cambodian diaspora in Thailand prefer to go by the euphemism 'help me' rather than 'pay me' for the services rendered.

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    Re: A country for rent

    You can get the pdf from
    www.viet-studies.net › kinhte › Cambodi...
    (easily found with Google search)

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