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After a hot and hard day’s work, there is nothing better than a glass of cool beer. Most times, I just buy one of the Thai beers like Chang, Leo or Singh. To be honest, I am not very adventurous. But I got an email yesterday from the guys at Passion Delivery about their craft beers. They are running a special offer at the moment. If you buy six, you get another two for free. If you buy twelve, you get four for free. I’ve never tried craft beers before and so I was quite interested in this special offer. I wouldn’t know how to choose craft beers and so it is good that they make the selection for us. So, I went ahead and ordered six with two free beers. They arrived this afternoon at my house at the arranged time. As they were already chilled, I’ve drank my first one straight away. So far so good. I look forward to testing some more out tomorrow.

Another reason I am bringing this to your attention is that they have an interesting referral plan at the moment. If I refer someone to this special offer, not only do you get a FREE beer, but I get one too. Of course, you can order without doing this, but you will be doing both of us a favour if you use my special promo code. No pressure but I do like a cold beer after a hard’s day’s work. I hope you do too.

To get this special offer, visit Passion Delivery and order one of the Craft Beer Collections. Go to checkout and then in the box that says “add a note”, enter this text “Richard CBD”. You will then get a FREE beer. So, for example, if you bought “buy 6 get 8” you will really get 9 craft beers. I will then get a free beer the next time I order from them. Like I said before, no pressure. If you wanted, you can order without adding the note. But, either way, if you then tell another friend, you then both get free beers. Check them out if you want to try something different.

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