What did you buy your boyfriend for Christmas?

We all have our own different arrangements with our boyfriends, whether they’re Thai or from the same country…or maybe you don’t have a boyfriend, perhaps he’s just an acquaintance or some fun between the sheets. Did you buy him anything for Christmas?

My partner and I both live in Vancouver, except we live in our own separate places in different parts of the city. When we started out, I think the first gift I ever bought him for Christmas was a pair of gloves. Somewhere after that, he started telling me what to buy him for Christmas and for the most part it has been some electronic device or another. Today it was an iPad mini, to go with his iPod Touch and the iPhone numbers there’s ever been and his Mac Book and his iPad(s)…. The best reception for any of the gifts that I bought him was from the pair of gloves. I laughed when I first started noticing bar boys down at the beach with their iPad’s. Now it’s something I see a lot of people doing, farangs included.

When I started going to Thailand many years ago, the first boy I fell for brought meJewellery Store to a jeweller in Bangkok and had me buy him a huge gold bracelet…which was long gone only a year later. I bought him a motorcycle the next year in a fit of careless spending, a gift that came to end our brief long distance relationship and one that changed his life forever after that too.

I hear all sorts of fantastic stories down at the beach or over dinner with friends of some of the things done for their Thai boyfriends for Christmas.

What did you do?