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Thread: Beer Bars & Go-Go Bars told: Cover up or be closed

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    Beer Bars & Go-Go Bars told: Cover up or be closed

    Beer Bars and Go-Go Bars told to "cover up or face closure".

    Police Colonel Sutin, the Superintendent of Pattaya Police along with Khun Ronagit, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya,
    chaired this Friday Morning Meeting attended by 360 staff members of Beer Bars and Go-Go Bars operating here in Pattaya.

    They were told that the Police and Pattaya Administration will no longer tolerate explicit shows and nakedness
    in the bars of Pattaya and any establishment found to be disregarding these orders will face a minimum of a
    60 day closure order and even the revocation of entertainment and liquor licenses.

    It is thought that a Bar Crackdown will shortly follow to ensure that bars are following these newly enforced regulations.

    http://www.pattayacitynews.net/news_25_05_50.htm .



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    Oh well, Kaos. another one bites the dust.
    I just can't see that boys dressed in business wear tossing hot soy milk on the crowd will have the same effect.

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    What a load of bollacks, Was in Kaos and other bars and nothing has changed.

    Will wait to see?

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    I dont mind them all in speedos and tight t-shirts!

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