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Thread: I usually clean my shithole with Thai people's faces

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    I usually clean my shithole with Thai people's faces

    Guess what,

    I usually clean my shithole with Thai people's faces! :colors:

    Every time I remove excrements from my shithole, I remove it with Thai people's faces instead of removing it with toilet papers. :flower:

    Since toilet papers are so expensive nowadays, I clean my shithole with Thai people's faces instead of wasting money on toilet papers.

    I utilize Thai people's faces because Thai people are the cheapest slaves in the world and Thai people's faces are more useful than toilet papers.

    After I clean my shithole with their faces, I flush them down in the toilet bowls.

    When I flush them, they bark so blatantly like crazy dogs.

    So far, I flushed, 1,914,154 Thai people in the toilet bowls. :cheers:

    Not only that, I also clean toilet floor and toilet bowls with Thai people's faces when necessary.

    PS: Since Thai people are the ugliest creatures in the world, they look far better with excrements blended on their faces than nohing on it. I simply help them look better before I flush the crap out of them.

    Anyways, I saved lots of money with Thai people's faces. :cheers:

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    Who the hell is this nutter !? :jerk:

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    Quote Originally Posted by buaseng
    Who the hell is this nutter !? :jerk:
    I am a superior race simply using Thai people's faces to clean my shithole rather than toilet papers.

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    Interesting fetish.

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    Someone please forward these postings to the proper authorites such as immigration so they can trace the ISP and blackballl this idiot.

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    Forum's veteran TrongpaiExpat's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    I think soccerexpert was legit. He could have been in an Internet cafe and left his log on and password to this site accidentally stored.

    I was in an Internet cafe once in Pattaya and when I went to the log on page for Sawatdee, it had a name and log in all ready waiting for me as someone else.
    E Dok Tong

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