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Thread: Its a conspiracy!

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    Its a conspiracy!

    Again from todays online Bangkok post:

    Bangkok residents warned of 'flood crisis' next month

    City officials are warning Bangkok residents to prepare for floods early next month when heavy rainfall, high tides and water run-offs from the North could combine to create a possible ''flood crisis''. Heavy downpours have continued to slam many northern provinces and a huge amount of water is expected to make its way down to Bangkok from Oct 9 to 11, said Drainage and Sewerage Department chief Teeradet Tangprapreutikul.

    Any guesses what date i arrive???

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    Water, water everywhere

    And you'll be braving the new airport as well. What an adventurous soul you are :flower:

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    Re: Water, water everywhere

    Quote Originally Posted by homintern
    And you'll be braving the new airport as well. What an adventurous soul you are :flower:
    Im taking waders, a canoe ,flask of tea, sandwiches and a tent - should cover most things lol

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    Isn't it true that the new airport is built on reclaimed swamp land?

    Oh, and can anyone suggest or let me know the reasons why the Thai' elections have been postponed from October to November - My current conspiracy theories run to:

    1) Thaksin is scared that a disastrous or delayed opening of the airport will affect his immediate chances of re-election.

    2) The fear that as soon as the election takes place there will be a coup-de-tat if Thaksin wins and he is prepairing his own army supporters.

    3) Thaksin is waiting on the creation of a new hairdoo to replace that shiny jet black helmet currently residing on his head.

    4) Thaksin is using the 'extra' time to travel to other countries (UK/Cuba etc) before he has to start using his own airmiles.

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    You for got a biggie:

    Tacky's spiritual advisor (Fortune teller) killed a chicken and told him, "Novembel rucky--mahk-mahk. Shu-wah! Pan baht, pur-eze."

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