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Thread: Phnom Penh

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    Phnom Penh

    This thread should probably be in the Cambodia Forum, but since I do not know if anyone actually reads what is written there, I prefer to post it here. I am going to Phnom Penh for the first time since the late 1990s, and I need some advice about finding a hotel that is located in or near what would be the gay area in Phnom Penh. Any suggestions from thos of you who have been there lately? Another question would be about the different airlines that fly out of Bangkok to Phnom Penh. Any of these airlines that you guys would NOT recommend?

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    Re: Phnom Penh

    I saw some quite recent reports from visits to that city, but right now not sure where (as I read a few forums daily, mostly to simply keep up).
    What I also remember was that some guys are far more in the closet and do not like HTL-an AirB&B might work better for that=no chance that some relative/friend from near or far can recognise that guy.
    There is also not really a specific gay area-it is all spread out over town with a very few venues closer by one another.
    Which airls fly is easy to see on google-flites or dozens of other sites-the main point is for most if you want/avoid low-cost or not-for some this seems to be a near life occupation. But the flite as such is less as 1 hr-you can survive without a snippet of food during that time? It MAY also be more economical if you can add it to your flite to BKK-with stopovers both ways, And there is the choice of 2 airpts here in BKK.
    Christian, one of the moderators of this forum, has stayed in PnPn for around 1 yr-stuck due to covid then and has in his blogspot plenty of info-but not on hi-scale HTLs. The very well known Arthur&Paul-with sauna and bluntly aiming the gay market, is fairly expensive and not in centre town but seems to offer plenty of daytime amusements.

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    Re: Phnom Penh

    The few gay bars are in riverside in walking distance to each other.
    The gay massages and saunas are spread all over town.

    I flew with Lanmei airlines in Oct and was happy with service and price.

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