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Thread: Thailand Prescription drug cost.

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    Re: Thailand Prescription drug cost.

    I have a house on the outskirts of Bangkok and a condo in Pattaya. Most of the pharmacies in Pattaya charge around 1,000 baht for my meds. If I go to a Fascino pharmacy in Pattaya the cost is 620 baht. Whereas the pharmacy closest to my home in Bangkok charges me 320 baht. I would be the only farang ln the estate where I live. So I assume I'm paying what the locals pay. It's a case of the poor farang tourist getting burnt again.

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    Re: Thailand Prescription drug cost.

    Quote Originally Posted by latintopxxx View Post
    ....really...blood pressure and cholesterrol meds are pretty basic...no need to be such a girl about it...
    remember, your time will come Tiktok, tiktok...

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    Re: Thailand Prescription drug cost.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dodger View Post
    Before I paid $3,000 dollars for 28 tablets of anything (I don't care what they were for) I'd purchase a 10 day Caribbean Cruise...party my ass off.. and then jump overboard on the return.
    This made me laugh! What a swell party that would be!

    "Have you heard?
    It's in the stars
    Next July we collide with Mars
    Well, did you evah?
    What a swell party, a swell party,
    A swellegant, elegant party this is!

    Eh, isn't that what Robert Maxwell did off the coast of Gran Canaria?

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