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Thread: Supertown (Jomtien Complex) Website

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    Supertown (Jomtien Complex) Website

    I swiped the link below from Gaybuttons site and thought it would be of interest here as well.

    I'm amazed at how many boy bars there are now in JC. It wasn't long ago that the Complex, like most of Pattaya, was a ghost town with many people wondering if it would ever recover.

    For the naysayers who considered the Complex, and other gay areas in Pattaya, dead in the water, I would ask them to feast their eyes on the "map" of the Complex shown in the link below.

    Kudo's to all the bar owners who weathered the storm and made this happen.

    Long live the "Rainbow" in Pattaya.


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    Re: Supertown (Jomtien Complex) Website

    Very nice effort Dodger...it should be a great help to many of us! I can't wait..

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    Re: Supertown (Jomtien Complex) Website

    The transformation is amazing, so much so that comparing the JC with Boyztown in the Good Old Days is not necessarily to the latter's advantage. Only the array of go go bars in BT at that time is missing.

    Hotels, restaurants, host bars in the JC certainly compare well, while the number of massage places is clearly superior.

    And as for Sunee....much as we appreciated the relaxed "village " atmosphere there a decade or so ago, it lacked quality restaurants and hotels.

    When we moved from BT a few years ago, I at least had my doubts....not any longer.

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