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Thread: Sansuk Sauna Pattaya

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    Re: Sansuk Sauna Pattaya

    I received some replies to my previous post that I wish to share. Since I was still at Sansuk Sauna when I read them, I was able to chase down Pun in real time to get the answers. Here they are:

    For this Grand Reopening period (September) the entry fees are as follows:

    Thais pay 150 baht to enter

    Non-Thais pay 200 baht to enter

    During October the prices will change as the Grand Reopening will be over. The proposed entry fees will be:

    Thais will continue to pay 150 baht.

    Non-Thais will pay 220 baht to enter.

    Pun wanted to increase the Thai price to 170 but I implored him to NOT increase the Thai price.

    We then had a LONG conversation about Pun's worry that the non-Thais who live here in Jomtien/Pattaya will complain about having to pay more when they live here.

    I told him look Pun, the falangs are complaining that the Thais don't come to the sauna. I suggested that he remind those falangs who will complain that it is intentionally priced this way so that the falangs will have an opportunity to chase, meet, and play with Thai guys thanks to this pricing scheme.

    When I left at 8pm it was more busy than when I entered at 5pm. The approximate ratio of Thai to non-Thai was 25% falang and 75% Thai (Asian).

    Lastly, I decided to walk home and it took 25 minutes to my View Talay complex that is in front of Dongtan beach.

    Again, let us support Pun and his wonderful team after being closed for almost 3 years due to covid restrictions.



    p.s. The hotel part of Sanuk is scheduled to open in October. Sorry, no price information as I forgot to ask. Since I live here now I can ask the next time that I visit.

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