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Thread: Moderna Booster - Pattaya

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    Moderna Booster - Pattaya

    Most people have probably got their boosters already, but for those who haven't you can purchase a Moderna booster for 1,600 THB at Jomtien Hospital without waiting in any long lines.

    My first 2 jabs were Pfizer with a waiting period of 6 months for a booster - none of which appear to be available now., nor was I thrilled about spending hours standing in line with a thousand people in Royal Garden either.

    I went to Jomtien Hospital based on a recommendation from a poster on Gaybuttonthai and was glad I did. I was in-and-out in 20 minutes after paying the 1,600 THB and was then scheduled to receive my booster 23 March (next week). Hassle free...no line whatsoever...and the hospital is conveniently located on the dark side of Sukumvit across from Big C Pattaya Tai (directly next to Chic' Republic).

    I see now that the CEO of Pfizer is saying a fourth booster will be needed. Why am I not surprised. After I get my booster next week I'm finished with this bullshit. If I get covid after that so be it.

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    Re: Moderna Booster - Pattaya

    A free alternative would be at MBK in Bangkok.
    Choice of 3 vaccines.
    Little queuing, no appointments.
    1st, 2nd, 3rd or fourth jabs.
    Of course the fare makes it better to stay in Pattaya.
    As you were!

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