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Thread: Tesla starts release of Full Self-Driving Beta in the US

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    Re: Tesla starts release of Full Self-Driving Beta in the US

    Quote Originally Posted by francois View Post
    Does anyone know if "self driving" cars are currently programmed to observe the speed limit?
    The driver can choose to either let the cars sensors both physically read the speed limit signs as it passes them or / and use GPS location mapping software to adhere to the speed limits either exactly or just under it or say 5/10 mph over it if you wish. OR turn all of that off and set it to auto stick to whatever speed you decide.

    Or turn everything off and just physically manually drive just as fast or as slow so as your own conscience / luck with speed cameras let’s you think you can get away with.

    Have to say I historically wouldn’t have been the best at sticking to speed limits and I would have thought doing so would have irk’d me a bit BUT weirdly I’m finding it doesn't really bother me at all now and it is nice to know I’m not risking a ticket or points on my licence every time I go over a hill and find a police speed camera van pointing it’s camera at me - which I don’t know about where you all live but is starting to happen WAY to often to be comfortable of late.
    All options are a simple click of a button / touch of the iPad style screen and are all just totally the drivers choice and all instantly interchangeable second by second as you / the car drives along.

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    Re: Tesla starts release of Full Self-Driving Beta in the US

    "Tesla drivers say they have been locked out of their cars after an outage struck the carmaker's app.

    Dozens of owners posted on social media about seeing an error message on the mobile app that was preventing them from connecting to their vehicles.

    The Tesla app is used as a key by drivers to unlock and start their cars."

    I'm amazed that people rely on such things.

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    Re: Tesla starts release of Full Self-Driving Beta in the US

    Quote Originally Posted by goji View Post
    I'm amazed that people rely on such things.
    Likewise - as it states quite clearly in the owners manual when you get the car the Phone App is ONE method of accessing the car BUT you're also supplied with a credit card style passcard too which they recommend you keep in your wallet etc for just such an eventuality ever happening. NO tech that depends on worldwide servers etc is going to work 100% of the time, everywhere, everywhere and always - and anyone who thinks it will to be honest deserves that hour or whatever it was that they were locked out of their car ot remind them that proabbly will never be the case in life and they should carry the back up they were provided.

    My card stays in my wallet at all time and I think I've had to use it once and maybe twice at most in over two years, either to access or to start my car - I think that's reasonable considering the number of times it's worked perfectly throughout that time span.

    The App never was JUST for gaining access to your car as there are a ton of other features on there too and those other features are actually probably more to be with thereason the App exists in the first place and the fact that it also happens to auto unlock your car door as you walk up to it is and was just one of many other features of their App.

    So the people who complained that they perhaps couldn't access their car ( when they always could have actually if they read the manual) really to me have only themselves to blame in their trusting ANY tech 100% to work 100% of the time. We all know servers go down and tech sometimes falls over, so to do that is / was just nuts to me and I'm sure anyone familiar with Apple, Microsoft, Google or any of the hundreds of other tech firms out there will have experienced the same issue with their own ramdon devices too at different times.

    The media of course were happy to try and blow this up to be a bigger story than it ever was, but I guess that's the way of the world these days sadly.

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