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Thread: The Professionals

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    The Professionals

    The Professionals. I'm rewatching multiple episodes of this late 70s early 80s classic police show and it's just as good today as it was then.

    Bodie and Doyle hurtling around London and the home counties in their Ford Capri's, undoubtedly the coolest car ever made. Gun toting tough guys who not only always get the bad guys but give em a good kicking in the process. Funny in parts as they have to go off to find a phone box to call HQ with an emergency and serningly able to park anywhere. With its many outside locations it was ITVs jewel in the scheduling crown. Lewis Collins displays a fine comedy talent and if the cards had fallen differently he could have been.up there with Chuck Norris. Wonderful stuff.

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    Re: The Professionals

    Talking of old shows, I watched Porridge whilst in quarantine last year.

    Looking on with envy at the social life and relative freedom in HMP Slade.

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