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Thread: Available boys in Pattaya..

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    Re: Available boys in Pattaya..

    Some observations from recent (3-9jan2022) trip to Pattaya. Out of my long list of potential candidates for fun, about 80% were still in Pattaya and 20% back in their hometown.

    Those who are reliable (quick and efficient communication, at the appointed time at the appointed place) based on past encounters were still reliable. But I like a bit of a challenge, so here some other cases:

    1. A boy (regular job) I have chatted with before Covid but never met now has a boyfriend and cannot meet me (we didn't even get into the question of money).
    2. I reached out three times to a boy (regular job) I know (but haven't met) from elsewhere (who is now in Pattaya), and we agreed on 1000 THB but then communication stopped from his side.
    3. I messaged a money boy I met several times before, message not read.
    4. A money boy I met before once messaged me on gay online dating and I was up for meeting. But twice it was not the right place and time, but on the third time it was, however after an "hello" from him and and my reply that I'm free now and want to meet, I haven't heard from him until the following day (i.e. too late).
    5. A new boy online who is a clear hit for me, but slow reply from his side meant we couldn't meet during my last two days.

    Overall, availability and reliability largely unchanged from before Covid. Nowadays, I refer to all events before spring 2020 as BC = before Covid.

    While gogo bars down by about 95% (with only Nice Boys operating gogo-like, i.e. boys shirtless but with long trousers on stage), beer bars down about 90%, massage down only about 50% compared to BC. Those across Tuk-Com fully staffed, elsewhere (e.g. Scandic) open with only few staff, Helios the only one I remember closed and Royal House door open during daytime but I missed to go in to check if they are operating.

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    Re: Available boys in Pattaya..

    About a week ago , I checked out Royal house and there was only one thin dark skinned man in late thirties or possibly 40.
    A pushy woman kept talking but I wasn’t interested even if for free. Usually there are 2 or 3 boys there but not the day I went.
    I will return as I have had many good time there.
    Helios closed even before Covid or at least for a year or two.

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    Re: Available boys in Pattaya..

    The sign on the door to Helios was briefly changed to open on a couple of days in December. Another farang pointed it our as we walked past. I saw it showing open at least 1 more time, before it reverted to closed.
    Whether it was really open, I don't know, as I have a preference for open fronted massage shops, where you can see the staff before even venturing in. The nearby Somjit is a good example.

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