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Thread: How to send money to Cambodia?

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    Re: How to send money to Cambodia?

    Quote Originally Posted by Midguy1 View Post
    I had very similar problems when trying to send small amounts of money to Laos and Vietnam. I usually use Transferwise, but a friend was in a place where he couldn't access his bank account so needed to do a cash pickup using his id card. Western Union is usually good for this but I didn't want to pay high WU charges and so after much google searching i came across www.remitly.com . I was very happy with this service and my first transfer was free. Of course, everyone's situation is different but I reccomend having a look at Remitly to see if it suits anyones needs.
    Thanks from me also for your helpful post Midguy1.
    While remitly.com may have been convenient for you at the time, many of us here are trying to "weed out" money transfer companies that are expensive to use on a regular basis. Sometimes they try to disguise their charges by offering low fees, but they make up for this quite handsomely ( in their favour ) by giving poor exchange rates or failure to tell the customer of hidden fees e.g. the recipient bank charges and/or intermediary bank fees. These issues have been highlighted previously by posters on this Thread if you're interested.
    I'm afraid I have to agree with goji as I too would be very suspicious of a company requiring signup in order to get full disclosure of their total cost for a transfer. Nevertheless I have learned ( from your post ) of an additional transfer company I can use... in case of an emergency.

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