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Thread: Map of Silom / Suriwongse - Venues of interest (2019)

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    Re: Map of Silom / Suriwongse - Venues of interest (2019)

    Quote Originally Posted by christianpfc View Post
    It is indeed on google maps, but must have changed names recently. When I walked there some days ago, there was no Classic Massage, and on street view there is only The Green Massage, Ben-Ten, The Paradise Massage where Classic Massage is supposed to be.
    And now Star Massage (see pong's post as well) as a new name in that soi.

    The last times I poked my head in Super A, all boys were fully dressed, so that cannot count as gogo any more and they won't get my custom. That transition took a few years, I used to complain that the boys wear underwear and sleeveless shirts during that transition time. Now they are off my list. But I will still pass and look inside every time I'm in the area an tell them I'm looking for boys in underwear.

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    Re: Map of Silom / Suriwongse - Venues of interest (2019)

    More: IND(i)RA msg (opposite the sun msg, soi 6 suriwong side)has also changed name-and guys. No name now to be seen. had mostly quite heavy dark guys, now the more slimmer type, perhaps mostly VN or Burmese (they did not understand when I asked them about name in Thai).
    In the dogleg of soi 6 is PRIME msg with only male staff on both sides, though this is a mainstream only. Immensely populair for some reason by ASEANs
    In that same dogleg is the UK-Thai Guesthouse. Have never ever seen a review or mention about it.
    In the subsoi across form SuperA is KINNON hoStel, taking (as far as I remember correctly?) also the old Lucky S premises. In fact former m2m msg shops turned into hoStel are not uncommon at all the last yrs. For penny pinching bahtsavers.
    More HTLs: Red Planet (used to be the AirAsia brand), along Suriwong. and under constr. brand new IBIS Styles just off Silom, east side, plus a giant one along soi 6, middle part. Think it has a sign like UNION HTL or so.
    SAUNA: one and only remaining sauna in this covered area is Saunamania, which has penalty entry if they think youre too old.
    Corner of Soi Anumarn and subsoi SuperA also once had a sauna-long ago-its now a JPNese restrt.

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    Re: Map of Silom / Suriwongse - Venues of interest (2019)

    53. BBB Inn is also closed around same time as the soi hotmail bars
    @ more msg places often mentioned in gay listings:
    magic Tree (by mr T), in soi Hualampong=the soi going south from Sam Yan MRT toward Suriw.
    A place beside Bavana HTL, forgot name, roughly opposite the former soi Hotmail (Rec by many).
    Just for the record: there is also a link/subsoi beteen Taniya and the end of what is named Thaniya 1/2, has many JPNese restrts.

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