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Thread: Older Foreigners

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    Older Foreigners

    How do Vietnamese react to older fat foreigners?

    Will Rogers said, "I never met a man I didn't like", but he never met Donald Trump.

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    Re: Older Foreigners

    Well they do respect age. Don't know why they believe someone should be worthy of respect, simply because they were born earlier, but that's very much their culture.

    I'm about 50.

    Every time I go to Saigon, or Hanoi, some young man approaches me to help him with his English, and in return, befriends me, shows me round town, and treats me just like a favourite uncle. That happens to me every time. Unfortunately, he's usually not interested in licking my nuts. But I still feel blessed any way.

    As for fat, I can certainly help you there too. For the record, these days, thanks to a keto diet, I'm pretty much a normal weight, but I used to be a real porker. Around a BMI of 43.

    I've been to Vietnam five times in the last 6 years, and each time I've gone, I've been a bit thinner.

    My first time (working holiday) I found that people were very polite, but that they were quite fascinated by how fat I was. They were perfectly comfortable coming up and talking to me about it too. Didn't seem occur to them that it might make me uncomfortable. In their culture, there's no taboo about staring at people too, which they did, en masse.

    Didn't find anybody interested in giving me sex on that visit. Still had a good time though, simply because people were nice (if weird).

    Around the time of my third visit, in 2016, I had better luck. I was still fat, but no longer grotesque. By this time smart phones were more common around the place, and the boys had discovered Hornet and Grindr. Didn't exactly get much interest there, but I got enough. It was sufficient that I cancelled my plans for a short, dirty weekend in Pattaya on the way back, because I was getting enough there.

    Similar story on my last visit, New Year 2018/19. By this stage I was a normal weight, as I am now. But I had about the same amount of luck as I had in 2016. I was in Saigon for nearly two weeks, and in that time, I had regular sex with three different boys. Not bad, not fantastic either, just good enough.

    One thing about VN, is that some times the boys don't want to be paid. They like you to buy them things instead. Some people like that, but I find that I get better sex when there's a bonus incentive.

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