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Thread: Gippy Tummy

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    Re: Gippy Tummy

    Quote Originally Posted by Nirish guy View Post
    Dogs also of course have been known to eat their own shit to it is believed obtain missing nutrients so can we assume then Christian that by your measure you'd be ok doing THAT then too ? Actually dont bother answering that as with you one really couldn't be sure of the probably reply perhaps !
    It woudn't suprise me. Shit munchers be shit munchers haha.

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    Re: Gippy Tummy

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuai-Duai View Post
    I've no idea what that's meant to mean but I assume it's an attempt at humour. It's typical of the sort of stupid remark that seems all too common on this forum and is the reason I stopped visiting before and is the reason I will now do so again. I know you won't miss me as you are so obviously too stupid and self obsessed to care.
    You are right, Chuai-Duai, there are always some smart assess who enjoy disrupting a thread for the their own amusement. If the mods had some balls they would ban them or, at least, remove their remarks.

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    Re: Gippy Tummy

    Quote Originally Posted by frequent View Post
    Modern medicine points to the overly hygenic, especially parents, as being the major cause of afflictions such as asthma and their increasing prevalence. The only time I ever wash my hands after urinating is when I'm using a public lavatory and there are guys around cruising. Washing my hands merely helps to divert attention or fill in time, but it has nothing to do with hygiene. In saunas, beats and other places where casual and anonymous sex takes place - I'm thinking a447's favourite place, the Golden Cock for example - no-one washes their cock let alone their hands between bouts of activity. After have a shit - certainly. Otherwise - nah
    The straight guys arrive in the bar after an afternoon romp with their go-go bar girlfriends, their cocks dripping with pussy-juice, expecting US to lick them clean.

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    Re: Gippy Tummy

    With the references to shit-eating and cocks dripping with pussy-juice, it's good to see that the customary high standards in posting are being maintained

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    poshglasgow (January 30th, 2018)

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    Re: Gippy Tummy

    Here's an interesting article on a similar problem....


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    Re: Gippy Tummy

    Quote Originally Posted by christianpfc View Post
    Yes, that's what I do.

    "I dont recall seeing many Thai's drinking the tap water with abandon ?? ( or I I wrong there ??)"
    They don't. Even the poorest spend their little money on bottled water.

    I once saw a dog drinking out of a sewer. If the dog can without getting sick, I can too!
    (Figuratively. I don't drink from sewer, but tap water is fine.)
    Reminds me of Jasper Carrott's tale in his autobiography "Sweet and Sour Labrador", of when his very posh girlfriend took him to meet Mama and Papa.
    He drove to her parents' place in his fish and chip van. Mother was extremely 'upmarket' and they had the token labrador dog bounding around the house. While they were all sitting in the 'drawing room' after lunch, the labrador suddenly sat on its arse in front of the fire, turned its neck one hundred and eighty degrees, dived between its hind legs and and began to lick its balls. There was a deathly hush while the young Jasper, his upper-crust bird, her regal mum and rich dad sat watching this display of canine exhibitionism. The silence was excruciating so for something to say Jasper, still looking at the dog, said, "It must be wonderful to be able to do that."
    As quick as a flash the mother turned to him and said, "I daresay if you give it biscuit it might let you!"

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    snotface (January 29th, 2018)

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