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Thread: Boy Talk

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    Boy Talk

    Having sat with my friend and his friends many times it may (or may not) be interesting to note what they discuss as regards the Farang in bars. Contrary to popular belief, they do not discuss the size, or lack thereof, of the Farang's endowment, unless it is a really big one. Apparently less fortunately endowed Farang do not get a mention. Further, as the boys are mainly (allegedly) 'straight' (or the ones I have mixed with are), the size of a Farang's equipment doesn't seem to hold much interest. The main topics when it comes to farang's seem to relate to whether they are jai dii (good heart), Ting Tong (stupid), pum-pooey (chubby) or whether they need a good shower. Age is not a criteria I have heard discussed.

    There doesn't seem to be any resentment that some boys are more popular with Farangs and get taken off more frequently than others and the boys seem happy when one of their own gets taken for a long time (several days, weeks or even months and years). Some of these boys though do seem to have trouble getting the bar scene out of their heads and even though they are 'offed' for a long time, still come back to the bars to keep up with what is going on.

    Out of everything talked about, a certain topic crops up quite frequently, who the boys like to see when not working. As mentioned most of the guys I have mixed with are straight and a lot seem to like to spend time with the ladies after work is done. Some, prefer their own company. But I am amazed at just how many prefer to go out and shag the arse off an attractive ladyboy. Having had it made quite clear to me that 'I am man, no gay, no ladyboy' by several of these guys when I have questioned their sexuality, it becomes clear that it is easier to shag a ladyboy than to have all the hassle of getting it on with a woman and the possible financial traps that could ensue. I still have my doubts though when I see some of these guys with their tongues virtually hanging out when they see a glammed up ladyboy.

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    I also hear comment as to if the farang is generous - and as you say F/41, age and looks don't figure.

    Amusing to me are "the-ideal-off" stories: always an unverifable friend of a friend who for example was offed and got B5000 for a 10 minute hand job. Perhaps these are urban myths: when I question further, the customer is always a Japanese.

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    "But I am amazed at just how many prefer to go out and shag the arse off an attractive ladyboy. "

    In Pattaya, most Thai men have to pay hard cash to get laid by most woman, especially if she's a good looking bar girl aho dont come cheap.

    Most ladyboys, who are tired of being handled by fat old farangs, and who have some spare cash, are happy to pay to get shagged -- or give it away free. That's why these guys love katoeys.

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    The boy with a 'Mai Phen Rai' outlook on life

    Num took me to visit his frien' at 'his' bar. Meaning: the bucket-of-blood where friend was working.
    Num introduced his friend, Khun A, and said, "Oh-oh, him used to be rich! Farang give him condo, car, gold and money, mahk-mahk. Farang tell him finish bar; go...school. Farang come back him still work bar, no school. Farang chuk him out. Condo, car, gold, money...bye-bye."
    Num and A chatted. When A finished his drink; Num said, "Okay you tip my friend hundred baht." (Cheap little bugger--Always looking out for my money--Or protecting his own interests?
    A wie'd and said, sorry, he had to go. It was starting time of another chuk-wow contest at Crazy Pub.

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    My observations are similar to your's Fatman41. Whether the person has a good heart is at the top of the list of their discussion. It also seems to be the thing they quickly tell others such as taxi drivers, service people, etc. This seems logical because it reflects how they are treated by the customer and what others can expect. Whether the Farang drinks or not and how much also seems to be near the top of the list. Again, this can impact how they are treated. I also hear comments about how the Farang dresses especially if it defies the Thai norm of "dressed up"= money and "not dressed up"= no money.
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    The Norm

    Fatman wrote: "But I am amazed at just how many prefer to go out and shag the arse off an attractive ladyboy. Having had it made quite clear to me that 'I am man, no gay, no ladyboy' ..."

    I have frequently received similar responses from straight-appearing Thai guys. But I don't believe it's a situation limited to Thailand. Many men who consider themselves otherwise "straight" that I've met in US and UK have no qualms about patronizing a drag bar and engaging the "ladies" alone or in groups. It doesn't threaten their masculinity to get a blow job under these circumstances. But they would never be caught dead in a gay bar (this is where they differ from their Thai contemporaries).

    For gays, ladyboys are either courted or avoided. At Babylon, for example, they don't appear in high demand. In Soi 4, however, they are more numerous but no where near as popular as the masculine young men.

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    Jai dii

    Yes, I'm sure you're right, Fatman, to suggest that the farang's jai dii or lack of it is important to these boys. We should all aspire to be jai dii in the best sense of the term. Who but a disturbed person would seriously want to be unkind or mean? But there is another term the Thais use, which is jai awn (low tone). Perhaps not surprisingly, I have never seen it mentioned on a board like this. It translates as soft-hearted or easily-put-upon, and has the same mildly negative connotations in Thai culture as it does in the West. In over a year of living full-time in Thailand I have met plenty of jai dii farangs but I have also met the jai awn variety (who, needless to say, think of themselves as jai dii). In their efforts to please their boys they go way overboard in splashing out money on gifts, give up much of their own independence to do only what the boys want to do and usually profess extreme admiration for all things Thai. Such behaviour does not command true respect. I have no idea if the boys use the jai awn term among themselves. Probably not. But I'm pretty sure that, when they congratulate a farang on being jai dii, they are often secretly rubbing their hands because they know they have found a jai awn one.
    [i]There is a boy across the river with a bottom like a peach,
    But alas I cannot swim.
    - From an early-19th-century Pashtun marching song

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    Well said, there are so many DELUDED ones.

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    MEANING : Jai Awn ( or Jai Onn ) = give in; yield; comply; meek; soft-hearted; submissive; weak; sensitive

    I have no idea if the boys use the jai awn term among themselves. Probably not.
    Of course, they do. Unlike sextoys or sex machines some people may think they are, they are human afterall.

    And surely, some farangs find some boys very submissive as well. Jai Awn mak mak :geek:

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    or whether they need a good shower
    This comes up again again amongst Thais when talking about Farang. One guy I first met in Pattaya when "Thai Boys" had just opened (it's gone now) reckoned he could tell one nationality from another just by smell. There was even one nationality that he avoided if at all possible as he said they smelt the worst of the lot. I met up with him recently and we had to leave a shop in The Royal Garden Mall because he'd smelt a group of his least favourite nationality as soon as he entered.

    My Thai boyfriend has just moved into a new rented room. He's had to clean the whole place twice because, as he says "Farang, stinky" had been there before him.

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