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Thread: Me again.

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    Re: Me again.

    Matt wrote:
    "However, this is about getting across the Australian border by trying to convince the Australian government you have a full-put ranch with pigs and chickens on a 20x30m plot of land, which includes your house. I could be wrong, but quite certain the Aus govt won't buy it."

    It depends on the asking price. ROFL.

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    cdnmatt (June 14th, 2017)

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    Re: Me again.

    Well it has been a disaster from start to finish. Tourist visa refused twice. Meanwhile i’ve sent him a small fortune to keep him and his family going. We recently had a holiday together in Bangkok, I gave him cash and paid for everything but he was a sulking horror. After all these years I still fell for every trick in the book. Never again! You were all correct in your assumptions.

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    francois (May 10th, 2018), Jellybean (May 10th, 2018), Nirish guy (May 10th, 2018), scottish-guy (May 10th, 2018)

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    Re: Me again.

    well done for posting that, it's always hard to admit "SHIT, I've been another daft farang" - even when knowing all the ropes that are pulled to make it not appear so at the start, but at least others reading this just might stop and take a second think themselves before entering into the same situation so your hassles just might avoid someone else falling for the same nonsense. so well done for that and sorry for your troubles - but hey, all part of life rich tapestry eh and no one died so not the end of the world, dust yourself off and wait the the next guy ( and his story but I'm guessing you'll be SO ready for this one and able to see him coming a mile off now - whether he's a chancer or NOT even !

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    christianpfc (May 10th, 2018)

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    Re: Me again.

    I echo the sentiments expressed in the post made by NIrish-guy and would also say, well done aarancam for coming back to the forum and providing an update. I’m sorry it didn’t work out as you had hoped and it turned out to be a “disaster”.

    You were not the first and won’t be the last to be misled. And, as NIrish-guy says, by posting about your experience you “just might avoid someone else falling for the same nonsense”.

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