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Thread: Holding Room permissions

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    Holding Room permissions

    I just set the Holding Room permissions for "Newly Registered Members" to "Never"- this is an example of when to say "never". As soon as they make X number (I forget how many we have it set at) of posts they are removed from "Newly Registered Memebers" and added to "Confirmed Members" so the "never" set for "Newly Registered Members" won't affect them at that point. So now if Nitwit Ronnie wants to play his little voyeuristic game he has to try to get X number of posts by us first.

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    Re: can be deleted now

    I just went to set the Newly Registered Members' PM permissions to "never" but it was already set.

    Hey, speaking of deleting members- I made a cool discovery while playing with copies of our database on my dev sites- a bunch of deleted users- including "elephantspike" and "smiles" can be restored using the Support Toolkit MOD. As long as the user's posts weren't deleted when the user was deleted, they can theoretically be restored. The problem is that the Support Toolkit won't work unless all our mods are uninstalled and all the core files restored to the un-modded out-of-the-box phpBB state and the style set to the default prosilver- WHich would make the board look like this:


    So no portal, no SEO URLS, etc.

    So probably this is something we should do on a new Dev copy of the site on the new server in preparation for any conversions or upgrades or integrations we intend to roll-out. Really any of those processes will work better if the board is stripped-down raw and "unplugged" if you will, as shown above.
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    Re: can be deleted now

    That's a really good idea...I know a lot of posters got the boot in Neal's days and are showing now as newbies..like you, Smiles, Irish, Scotty.

    Also Bob-Saigon quit and came back. We discussed doing this and Matt indicated for whatever he was doing he simply needed their last pre-expulsion post to re-attach them.

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