Proposed Amendment to the Rules & Guidelines

I would like to propose that we enhance an existing rule, with respect to the level and amount of sanctions to be dealt by a moderator or administrator of this board.

Acts of board terrorism will not be tolerated.

I define this as;

Willfully Breaking Rule 3 specific to;

The posting of another memberтАЩs Last/surnames, phone number, email or residential address, any url belonging to any member, including any contact or social media site or any information that could be used to identify and individual or organization against their will.

The discussion of under age sex or the involvement in any persons in this illegal activity. The posting of any image of anyone under the age of 18.

Negative references to ThailandтАЩs royal family. Thailand has very strict laws about this. The authorities have varying ideas on what are тАЬnegative referencesтАЭ so, as a general rule, it is better to just avoid the subject.


Vandalizing the board
Willfully creating damage to threads for the purpose of throwing a hissy fit or deliberately sabotaging this board. (As a recently expelled member did)

Any member that violates the membership's trust, by willfully being involved in this activity will have their membership deactivated immediately and Sanctions up to and including a permanent ban imposed, based on the specific circumstances and decided upon by the administration team.

I will leave this amendment up for one week, after which time it will be permanently incorporated into our Permanent Rules & Guidelines.
The Forum name, Posting Rules and Guidelines will also change at that time to Board Business.
In Board Business, you will find a permanent posting of our Posting Rules & Guidelines.

Just a reminder gentlemen, these are our only rulesтАж.there are no others.

Thank you,

These Amendments were implemented September 26, 2013