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(1) Registering on Sawatdee Gay Thailand
A posting membership on Sawatdee is free and open to all. You will need to choose a Board Identity (AKA as a 'handle') and a Password. You must provide a valid Email address during the registration process.
An individual may register one handle only.

The registering of multiple handles by the same individual is considered a violation of this Guideline. Once discovered, the additional handle(s) and identity(s) will be deleted. On a second violation the Member will be suspended and the third will all posting privileges.

(2) The Board Forums
There are a number of Forums on Sawatdee and each includes a description of it's purpose below it's title.
As a posting Member you are free to post any topic you wish, but the Board encourages you to post your topic in the appropriate forum.

Topics posted in an incorrect forum may be moved by the Moderator to a more appropriate one.
(3) Privacy
The Board takes it's Members' privacy and identity very seriously and will protect it in so far as it is possible. 'Personal privacy' includes:
  • last names[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • phone numbers, email and residence addresses[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • unauthorized Members' photographs[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • any other information which might reasonably be expected to lead to the identification a individual[/*:m:1lviebv9]
None of the intrusions outlined above are allowed in any post on Sawatdee.
(A Member may however, agree to allow a portion (or all) of their own personal information to be posted. The member must inform the Administrator of such an allowance before it has been posted).

Any post or thread which violates this Guideline will be deleted immediately. It will also result in a written warning to the offender, and a more serious sanction upon a second occurrence.
(4) Posting limitations
Sawatdee is an open and free Board and it's Members are encouraged to voice opinions on the widest range of topics.
There are however, a few topics or postings which may ~ under a 'worst case scenario' ~ put the very existence of the Board in jeopardy. These proscribed topics or postings are:
  • The discussion of under age sex or the involvement in any persons in this illegal activity.[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • Discussion of the Thailand Royal Family, if that discussion includes criticism, disparagement, insulting language, or accusations.[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • Libelous or potentially libelous statements or accusations against named individuals, businesses, or institutions.[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • Pornographic images.[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • No medical advice is to be given on the board except recommendations on clinics, hospitals or doctors and where to find them.[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • Entire posts may be in any color except red & posts longer than three lines may not be in huge font size.[/*:m:1lviebv9]

Any post or thread which violates this Guideline will be deleted immediately.
(5) Posting etiquette
Sawatdee has on occasion ~ as have all message boards ~ had to deal with violations of message board 'etiquette', the main culprits of which are 'trolling, 'flaming' and spamming.
Each of these behaviours is not only difficult to specifically identify, but it's also difficult to deal with.
Sawatdee will deal with each of these issues on a case by case basis, given the fact that often the behaviour is undertaken unknowingly, is innocuous or harmless, and action need not necessarily be taken.
Please read the definitions and descriptions of each behaviour which this Board uses as it's own guideline: Members should keep these descriptions in mind when posting, and please do your best to refrain from trolling, flaming, or spamming the Board.

If any of the disruptions outlined above become obviously onerous, out-of-control, or harmful to the Board, there will be warnings issued. Ignoring the third warning could result in deletions, or loss of posting privileges, or both.
(6) Moderating etiquette
Moderating actions or decisions on Sawatdee will be based solely on the Posting Guidelines. Examples of Moderator actions covered in this Guideline are:
  • deleting a thread or post[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • editing a post[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • moving a thread[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • locking a thread[/*:m:1lviebv9]
  • loss of posting privileges[/*:m:1lviebv9]

A Moderating action/decision will be clearly explained in red within the post or thread in question, and the explanation will include a reference to the specific Guideline deemed violated. (An exception will be made in the case of 'loss of posting privileges'.
Once the explanation has been published, all further correspondence with the violator(s) regarding the action/decision will be by either PM or Email. The Administrator or Moderator will not undertake further public discussion after the initial explanation.
(7) Amending the Guidelines
The Administrator may amend the Guidelines at any time due to unforeseen or changing circumstances.
The Administrator will immediately post a message regarding the change(s), and leave it тАШstickiedтАЩ for a reasonable length of time.
(8) Editing

Members have an edit feature which is active for 2 hours after they make their post at which time the feature disappears for that particular post
New members will have their first 5 posts vetted before they appear on the forum. I.P. addresses will be checked.
(9) Language of Posts on This board

The official language of this board is English. Posts or portions of posts not in English will be edited or deleted so that we may understand and moderate posts properly and swiftly.