There's been a lot of activity lately on the openings and closings front. :leb:

First some great news - Yaya is off the market - Ya has decided he wants to stay on running it - :occasion9: WOO HOO! They also have a new cocktail of the month - a 'minty Brazilian'. If people can't comment on that ... not sure if it's a fresh tasting South American or an interesting pubic hair style :bis:

Then some odd news - places that have closed, might close, and didn't close
Dolphin Restaurant in Soi Day Night has closed, but they say it will reopen in the high season if we get one.
Corner Bar in Sunee Plaza has closed, but the rumours say that's only for 2 weeks (or is it a month, or is it forever?)
Aquarius in Jomtien closed, the rumour was it was for good, but it was open again two days later. Who knows!!!!!

Opening soon ...
Dinning Restaurant in Sunee Plaza - Thai and European food - open from 9 pm to 9 am - should have opened last Tuesday, we're still waiting, maybe tonight

Party tonight arty
Murphy's Magic City , Sunee Plaza is having its grand opening party :alc: and :occasion4: birthday :occasion6: of the owner, Tum tonight. Special shows, special cabaret, fun for all :blob3: