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Thread: Beware: It's now illegal to post Bangkok Post items?

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    Hua Hin

    Beware: It's now illegal to post Bangkok Post items?

    This was posted a few days ago (02 October) on thaivisa.com, but it apparently applies to ALL web sites, not just thaivisa.com:

    Bangkok Post bans Thaivisa from using its content

    BANGKOK (thaivisa.com): -- The Publisher of Bangkok Post, Post Publishing PCL, has informed Thaivisa.com that they have joined the "Society for Online News Providers, (SONP)", and their policy is apparently that RSS feeds are the only way for other web sites to republish news articles.

    Given their request that no content be published on ThaiVisa unless as an RSS feed, which is an automatic feed with no commentary, Bangkok Post articles can no longer be published in any ThaiVisa forums from now on since the forums are not an RSS feed.


    For legal reasons, and to protect the website and its members, Thaivisa.com must comply with this new policy and urge all members to avoid all Bangkok Post content, advising its members to find alternative content instead.
    source: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/Bangkok-P ... 03104.html
    (italics and underlining in the above quote were added by me)

    [size=7][color=#0000FF][i]"quiet1":[/i] the poster previously known as [i]"bkk gwm"[/i][/color][/size]

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    Beware: It's now illegal to post any newspaper items???

    Apparently this is now official Moderator policy as well. I posted a link yesterday to another newspaper and the entire post was moderated out of existence.

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    an alternative reality

    Re: Beware: It's now illegal to post Bangkok Post items?

    I'm only a light drinker. When it's daylight I drink.

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    Re: Beware: It's now illegal to post Bangkok Post items?

    What will Gaytingtong do now. The mods will have to learn to write. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

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