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Conversation Between christianpfc and Dimsumbear

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  1. In my vast experience, there is absolutely no correlation between money paid and performance. From free to 1500 THB, it's always a gamble. That's why I go for free or cheap.
  2. B2/3000 for once a lifetime experience is definitely worthwhile; but my past encounters have proven paying a large sum does not guarantee a big load Lol

    I have just posted an inquiry about Sunee hotel suggestion. Please consider making contribution after your settlement from the trip. Many thanks my friend P.S. I do looking to your blogspot update
  3. Hello, just back from trip. For Sake disco I know for sure they (or at least those who approached me) are for sale, for Fake a friend told me, but none of them is my type. 2 or 3000 THB?
  4. You are a gentleman and your prompt help is much appreciated. Last question, you know all those hot cayote dancer say at Fake Club, are those for sale? Assumingly the price would be astronomical if they were lol
  5. Thanks for the praise. Winner in Sunee is more fem, Nice Boys more straight. Boyztown Cupidol more gay, other bars I don't frequent that much. Anyway, the scene is small, have a look in all bars to find what you like. BoysBoysBoys and A-Bomb I blacklist because their boys are in jeans, Toy Boys I blacklist for cute boys outside who are just to lure customers in and reports of boys going only with women, and one boy asking for 1500 short time.
  6. Hi, I am an avid fan of your writings and messages, probably an honorable mention after Vinapu. Lol. I have finally decided to go beyond my BKK comfort zone to Pattaya. Do you know which bars have the more masculine, little muscled young top boys please? Those like the boy this link the-urbn.com/spank/men-asian-thai-naked.php Much appreciated Sir.
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