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June 21st, 2015, 03:45
How to post a link

When you find a link or a page (URL) you would like to share in a post, follow this simple path;

While you are on the page you would like to share, left click the link to highlight it.

Then right click once, chose copy from the menu that appears.

Then go to your post and right click where you would like the link to go.

Choose paste from the menu that appears.

Then highlight the complete link in your post and click the URL button above your post. (tool bar)

If the URL characters separate from the link, adjust it so that the characters are just before and just after.

For a youtube post, follow the same instructions except choose the youtube button above your post, not the URL button.

If the link shows as https instead of http, delete the s in the link.

If there is an ampersand & in the link, delete it and everything after it.

If it still doesn't work for you, I'll fix it and show you what I've done.

Any questions, please ask! (I'll move this into the Resource Forum in time)


June 21st, 2015, 04:32
sounds overly complex?
Usually i just copy and paste?
gay-thailand-f9.html (http://sawatdeenetwork.com/forum/gay-thailand-f9.html)
And hyperlink automatically gets made?
Edit: tested basic copy an paste and works fine

June 21st, 2015, 16:23
The method proposed by Surfcrest (http://sawatdeenetwork.com/forum/how-post-link-t33187.html) is certainly an option.

June 22nd, 2015, 01:43
And to post a link just like Kommie and Sooty does, you would simply modify the URL placement and add text.
This will imbed the link into the suggested text;