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August 14th, 2013, 16:59
Welcome to Sawatdee Gay Thailand
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(1) Registering and Becoming a Member on Sawatdee Gay Thailand

Registering on SGT
A posting membership on Sawatdee is free and open to all. You will need to choose a Board Identity (AKA as a 'handle') and a Password. You must provide a valid Email address during the registration process. An individual may register one handle only. The registering of multiple handles by the same individual is considered a violation of this Guideline. Once discovered, the additional handle(s) and identity(s) will be deleted. On a second violation the Member will be suspended and the third will all posting privileges.
Becoming a Member
A free posting membership on SGT is available to anyone. As part of the Registration process you will
тАв Choose a Board identity тАУ also known as a тАШnickтАЩ or тАШhandleтАЩ;
тАв Choose a Password тАУ once registered your Password can be changed within the system. (For security purposes, it is wise to change your Password on a regular basis тАУ but тАЬup to youтАЭ.)
тАв Provide a valid email address.

An individual may only register one тАШnickтАЩ. An individual who registers multiple тАШnicksтАЩ is known as a тАШhydraтАЩ and breaks this rule.

Sanctions (Clause 1):
Moderator(s) will apply these sanctions to people breaking Board rules.. Moderator(s) will exercise discretion in the application of these sanctions. Moderator(s) decisions are final. DonтАЩt expect to break the rules under the guise of тАЬfree speechтАЭ.
On the first occasion, when identified, the post/message/thread will be deleted and the person warned by Personal Message (PM).
On a second occasion, the member may be suspended for one (1) month and advised by PM.
On a third or subsequent occasion, the individual may be banned for a minimum of six (6) months or such greater period as the Owner determines and advised by PM.
Additional sanctions may be applied to hydras and their owners including a suspension of PM privileges.

The official language of the Board is English. Members will avoid using other languages (except in PMs) simple expressions are fine. Bad / Foul language may bring sanctions from the Moderator(s). It is incumbent on every member to ensure his posts are intelligible to all members.

(2) The Board Forums & Board Etiquette

There are a number of Forums on Sawatdee and each includes a description of it's purpose below it's title. As a posting Member you are free to post any topic you wish, but the Board encourages you to post your topic in the appropriate forum.

Topics not appropriate to a particular forum may be moved by Moderator(s). The move will be noted in the original forum.

Bad Karma
SGT occasionally has to deal with breaches of Board etiquette known as
тАв 'trolling -
тАв 'flaming' -
тАв тАШlink dumpingтАЩ -
тАв тАШpersonal attacks and harassing behaviourтАЩ -
тАв and тАШspammingтАЩ -

These behaviours can be difficult to specifically identify, and are also difficult to administer.
SGT Moderator(s) will deal with these issues on a case-by-case basis, recognising that these behaviours can be unintended, innocuous or harmless such that action need not be taken. Most times an explanatory PM to the member will be sufficient.

Moderating the Board
SGTтАЩs Moderator(s) actions or decisions will result from breaches of any of these rules. Moderator(s) may:
тАв Delete a post or thread.
тАв Edit a post.
тАв Move a thread.
тАв Lock a thread.
тАв Apply Sanctions as expressed in Clause 1.

A Moderating action or decision will be clearly explained in red within the post or thread concerned. A reference to the rule that has been breached will be included. In the case of loss of posting privileges, the advice will be sent by PM; it will not be delivered publicly.
After the explanation has been published or sent by PM, all communication with the member(s) being sanctioned will be by PM or email. There will be no public discussion.
(3) Privacy, Anonymity & Posting Limitations

SGT is a (reasonably) anonymous board, excluding only legal demands from appropriate authorities.
тАЬReasonablyтАЭ because the IP address of every visitor or member to SGT is collected for statistical and other similar purposes.
That said, personal privacy and identity must be protected as far as possible. Therefore, the following types of information must not be included in any post.
тАв Last/surnames
тАв Phone numbers, email or residential address
тАв Any other information that could be used to identify an individual or organisation.

(A Member may however, agree to allow a portion (or all) of their own personal information to be posted. The member must inform the Administrator of such an allowance before it has been posted).

Any post or thread which violates this Guideline will be deleted immediately. It will also result in a written warning to the offender, and a more serious sanction upon a second occurrence.

A member or organisation may agree to identifiable information being posted, after first advising a Moderator of their intention to do so.
Owner(s)/Moderator(s) will not attempt to obtain personal information. Nor will they attempt to verify accuracy of posts.
Owner(s)/Moderator(s) will:
тАв Maintain civility and good discourse between members.
тАв Identify rule-breakers and apply sanctions as appropriate.

Members are encouraged to voice opinions on a wide range of topics, while still being civil to others.
There are some topics that may not be discussed and which may put the Board in jeopardy. These are:
тАв The discussion of under age sex or the involvement in any persons in this illegal activity.
anyone under the age of 18 in a sexual context*, or whether they are partially of fully nude.
тАв Negative references to ThailandтАЩs royal family. Thailand has very strict laws about this. The authorities have varying ideas on what are тАЬnegative referencesтАЭ so, as a general rule, it is better to just avoid the subject.
тАв Making defamatory/libellous statements about any person or organisation.
тАв Displaying pornographic images.
тАв Any new links or quotes to the Thailand Bitch Board after July 26, 2013.
* moderators discretion ( And the filter is set high)

Any post or thread that breaches this rule may attract Sanctions.
The Thailand Bitch Board is a message board that wilfully makes defamatory and libellous statements about Sawatdee Gay Thailand and individual members of this Board. Not allowing any links or quotes to the Thailand Bitch Board is a necessary sanction so as not to promote in any way this unethical behaviour in our the community.

For the benefit of members, there is an edit feature that is active for two hours after a message has been posted. This provides ample opportunity for a member to modify his language/comments. It ceases to function after that time, for the benefit of keeping subsequent posts in context.
New Members
New members will have their first 5 posts vetted before they appear on the forum. This is necessary to protect the membership from including spam, hydras, Toxic IP address or "bad" email domain (Posted or by PM) or with banned members re-applying for membership. Any applicant that feels they have been wrongly screened from joining can email the owner at surfcrest@hotmail.com for a review.

(Appendix) Amendment to the Rules & Guidelines 26.09.2013

Acts of board terrorism will not be tolerated.

I define this as;

Willfully Breaking Rule 3 specific to;

The posting of another memberтАЩs; Last/surnames, phone number, email or residential address, any url belonging to any member, including any contact or social media site or any information that could be used to identify and individual or organization against their will.

The discussion of under age sex or the involvement in any persons in this illegal activity. The posting of any image of anyone under the age of 18.

Negative references to ThailandтАЩs royal family. Thailand has very strict laws about this. The authorities have varying ideas on what are тАЬnegative referencesтАЭ so, as a general rule, it is better to just avoid the subject.


Vandalizing the board
Willfully creating damage to threads for the purpose of throwing a hissy fit and deliberately sabotaging this board.

Any member that violates the membership's trust, by willfully being involved in this activity will have their membership deactivated immediately and Sanctions up to and including a permanent ban imposed, based on the specific circumstances and decided upon by the administration team.