2 on 2 Basketball Game turns into some Asian Gay Action

Continued from Part One
Jayesh messaged me in the morning to check how I was but I was too sore to do anything especially to have gay sex. Brian phoned me a few days later and sounded really excited. He told me that on the Sunday he took Dare to play basketball with his Asian friends. I was thinking “great”, I was stuck at home with sore ribs and he was hanging out with beautiful toned Asian guys.
The story he told me went like this… They arrived at the basketball park and 3 of Dares friends arrived shortly later. They decided on a 2 on 2 half court game. Brian couldn’t play as he had a sore back, so he just sat back in the shade watching Dare and his gorgeous friends running around sweating in the hot sun.
Ready to Play Basketball in the Park – tumblr.com
After an hour of intense competition everyone was hot, sweaty and tired, so they decided to head to Brian’s house for a shower and drinks. Dare headed straight for the shower upstairs and Brain and the other guys stayed in the kitchen. Brian started pouring drinks for everyone. As he gave one of the guys

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