Gay Kuala Lumpur – Hot Dark Guys, Tropical Oasia and a Gay Massage Den

Gay Kuala Lumpur Here We Cum!
I’ve been to Malaysia before but that was a long time ago when I was a “regular tourist” and a teenager. This time I was going as a “gay tourist”. I asked on the Sawatdee Network Gay Forum about what to expect and got some good advice from member “Aussie“.
I have been to Malaysia many times with Asian friends staying with me and alone. Never a problem with visitors to my hotel room. Nobody looks at us when we go anywhere and there is a big age difference. I have never noticed any bad attitude towards us. We do not go around holding hands or any obvious shows of affection in public. Maybe it will deteriorate in the future if the laws become more strict.
I also got chatting with another AsiaGuys.NET writer Penn Regis who has been there many times before and his advice was simple… just be discreet and everything will be fine. As it turned out Penn and Aussie were right, Malaysian people really don’t care what you do as long you are discreet and respect local customs and culture.
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When you arrive at

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