Dating Thai boys (53) A friend in need

Dating Thai boys (53) A friend in needEnglish: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”German: “Freunde in der Not kommen hundert auf ein Lot.”French: „L’ami dans le besoin est un ami en effet.“Thai: เพื่อนกินหาง่าย เพื่อนตายหายาก (A fair-weather friend is easy to find, a real friend is hard to find)เพื่อนกิน pêuan gin fair-weather friend; false friend friend to eat together, i.e. someone who is your friend as long as there is food on the table, like a “drinking buddy” in the West)เพื่อนตาย pêuan dtaai real friend; true friend like in “die, death”, but not to be taken literally, only figuratively –

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