Gay activities Apr 2017

Gay activities Apr 2017 Details about Saranrom, dating Thai boys. Sat 1apr2017 Nake 22:17-55, entry 140. Over 20 customers. Show starts about 22:35 and still running when I leave (fatty and skinny, none my type). Between 3 and 11 spectators. Farose 2, 23:32-00:55, entry 170. Brimming, 5 bordercases, but those I approach not interested. Sauna and steam room hot. Sun 2apr2017 Book fair in QSNCC many cute boys. However none of them looks gay or notices me looking at him. Tue 4apr2017 A boy Joe O I have chatted with first in Dec 2014 (bordercase, that’s why it has been

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